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Report: More cheating wives in the past 20 years

The infidelity gap has slowly been closing.

By Kristin Wong Jul 3, 2013 6:29PM

It looks like women are catching up to men when it comes to cheating. Researchers have discovered that over the past two decades, the infidelity gap has slowly been closing.

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This week, Bloomberg Businessweek published a report from the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey.

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While the proportion of cheating men has remained steady at 21 percent, the number of wives who have affairs has increased by nearly 40 percent in the past two decades. According to the survey, the proportion of women who admit to cheating is now at 14.7 percent. In short, wives are cheating more than ever.

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“Men are still more likely to cheat than women,” said Yanyi Djamba, director of the AUM Center for Demographic Research. “But the gender gap is closing.”

Read the rest of Bloomberg’s report here.

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