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If You're Beautiful, You Can Get a 'Free' Vacation

You can travel for free, but it'll cost you.

By Kristin Wong Apr 25, 2012 4:44PM

http://www.misstravel.com/"Are you attractive but don't have the money to travel?" asks new dating site MissTravel.com.

Well, fear not! For now you can hang out with a rich but desperate lothario who will give you a vacation—simply for being hot!

While sugar dating sites are nothing new (in fact, the founder of MissTravel is also the founder of SeekingArrangement.com), this one is unique in that it focuses on travel.

"We match Generous travelers who hate to travel alone with Attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free."

A free trip with a stranger who thinks you're pretty? Isn't this the stuff our mothers warned us about?

Oh, and get this—in lieu of traveling with a Generous traveler, you can also earn frequent flyer miles that "may be redeemed for free flights on all major airlines." So you can, you know, take a trip with people you already know.

So basically, you register, find someone who tickles your globetrotting fancy, and then you can propose a trip one of three ways: 1. Travel with me to a new destination 2. Come to Me, or 3. Show Me Your Town.

"Remember, on MissTravel.com, if you end up traveling, the Generous traveling member is expected to pay all travel expenses for Attractive traveling members."

If you think this sounds like a glorified escort service, you're not alone. But don't get it messed up—escorts are most definitely not allowed.

Wade told the Village Voice that sex isn't guaranteed on these excursions, but in the same article he argues that the recent Secret Service sex scandal could have been prevented with the use of MissTravel. So I think it's safe to say that most of these "Generous travelers" have ideas. Especially when a majority of "Attractive traveler" profile pics involve salacious poses accompanied by an abundance of cleavage.

I'm all for traveling on a budget, but I bet beholding the grandeur of the Taj Mahal isn't the same with someone trying to get in your pants.

Photo: http://www.misstravel.com/

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