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Women Choose TV Over Sex, Survey Finds

Which would you rather turn on: the television or your partner?

By Kristin Wong Jul 3, 2012 3:10PM

Photo: David Harrigan/Getty ImagesA German non-profit organization decided to turn the "Would You Rather" game into a small survey, asking participants to choose between sex and television.

Turns out, German women are either unimpressed with their sex lives, or really impressed with their programs.

The Berliner Zeitung newspaper reported that the Hamburg-based Foundation for Future Studies commissioned a survey on 2,200 Germans, and 57 percent of the women they surveyed said they'd rather give up sex than television for an entire year. Men sang a different tune, with 62 percent saying they'd choose sex.

And they didn't stop with television. Like any good game of "Would You Rather," the researchers came up with other scenarios. Would you rather give up sex or sweet treats? Only 47 percent of women chose sweets, but that's still nearly half. Only 22 percent of men said they'd rather go sexless for a year than give in to their sugar cravings.

If you think that's depressing, check out this poll, commissioned by QVC. They surveyed 3,000 British people and found that one in 10 actually love the television more than they love their partner.  According to the Daily Mail, more than a tenth of those polled said they'd rather split up with their significant other than give up watching television.

So how do American women fare? According to yet another survey, this time commissioned by iVillage, 63 percent of married women in the States would rather read, sleep or watch a movie than have sex with their spouse. They also tossed in this statistic as a possible explanation: 81 percent of women surveyed described their sex lives as predictable. But hey, so are Seinfeld reruns, and those are still pretty enjoyable.

What do you think—would you rather go without sex or television for an entire year?

Photo: David Harrigan/Getty Images

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Jul 5, 2012 4:34PM
that's amazing since german women are known for their high sex drives, second only to the Czechs, I presume.  Darn no wonder I can't get any, lol
Jul 5, 2012 3:12PM
Since I gave up TV, I've have more time to think about better ways to have imaginative sex. Just sayin.
Jul 5, 2012 2:05PM

with so much crapp on tv , this is an easy pick !!!!


Jul 5, 2012 2:05PM

with so much crapp on tv , this is an easy pick !!!!


Jul 5, 2012 1:55PM
Well the german women are nuts just nuts!! I would prefer a good hard C*** any day of the week instead of tv. Now mind you see there is dvr so I won't miss nothing I don't want to. But sex is like the best thing out there if done right!!! My cousin says that women are not supposed to be so visual but damn I like sex no wait I love sex. I jsut prefer not to F*** just anyone. I am a one man woman but he damn well better be good in bed. I don't want riches I want inches. So yeah boy this survey is sooooo not cool for those of us women who love to have sex.
Jul 5, 2012 11:55AM
they need to do some follow up polls to see how many are still married in a yr or 2.
Jul 5, 2012 11:47AM

I would rather go without TV for a year. There isn't much on worth watching anyway and don't have cable or sat.  Over the air is only so-so. Most of what I do is PC on-line.

Reason, I repair bicycles for non-profits and don't have the time to sit on my rear and turn into a fat ***... When not repairing biikes I ride bikes or chase my wife. She likes the attention...Maybe that's why we are still enjoying each other after 33 years. Not bad for a retired old guy. 

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