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NYC hotels offer rates for afternoon sex

Reputable establishments are partnering with a travel site that helps spouses cheat.

By Kristin Wong Feb 21, 2013 5:21PM

Pay-by-the-hour hotels are nothing new, but they're no longer the seedy, freeway-adjacent houses of ill repute they were once thought to be.

Many respectable, three star or higher hotels are offering new hourly rates for customers. And if you think guests are just napping between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., you've got another thing coming.

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DayUse.com is a travel site that offers reservations for a "few hours during the day." Their homepage suggests that these hours may be used for "work, rest and rendezvous." But delve a little deeper into the site, and "rendezvous" becomes a little more specific:

"Cheating deserves some thought. Infidelity refers to the unique love. If cheaters want their infidelities remain a secret garden, they will surely be interested by the concept of day use. Now, in New York, we can rent a hotel room for one hour or more during the day." 

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Yep, they're not exactly shy about their business model. According to the New York Post, DayUse has recently met with controversial cheating site AshleyMadison.com to discuss a possible partnership. Noel Biderman, CEO of Ashley Madison, told the Post:

“Their whole challenge is lining up these hotels under some kind of politically correct paradigm, but this is all about fulfilling afternoon delights for people."

So what's the difference between DayUse and a regular hourly rate hotel? One hotel director told the Post:

"The difference between DayUse and hourly rate is that the DayUse client who comes in is usually a higher-end client who is willing to pay a nice amount for a few hours.”

And discretion is everything, according to the site. Guests book their rooms via email, and they pay cash. The site boasts:

"It only takes a few minutes to book the room and keep your rendezvous secret."

Of course, noncheaters are welcome, too. Couples looking to spice up their love lives may find the service useful. And traveling lovers with hefty libidos might also need a mid-afternoon session.

Whatever the purpose, more and more hotels are taking advantage of the hourly rates. The MAve, a cute boutique hotel on Madison Avenue, is a DayUse-friendly hotel, as is the four-star Flatiron Hotel. Even chains like Best Western are getting on board.

“There might be the atypical individual who just needs a shower and a shave, but there is no industry there," Biderman continues. He adds, "The economics sit squarely in extramarital rendezvous.”

What's next, a vibrating bed at the Waldorf?

Here are 10 New York City hotels offering rates with DayUse:

  1. Days Inn Jamaica--JFK Airport
  2. Best Western Kennedy Airport
  3. Hotel Vetiver in Long Island City
  4. The MAve NYC
  5. Econolodge Times Square
  6. Hotel Belleclaire
  7. Washington Jefferson Hotel
  8. Off SoHo Suites
  9. Tribeca Blu Hotel
  10. Blue Moon Hotel

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Photo: Hotels offer afternoon rates / ShaneKato/Getty Images


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