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Should You Dump Your Boyfriend? There's an App for That

Your phone can now reveal whether your relationship is doomed.

By Kristin Wong Jun 12, 2012 3:16PM

Photo: Courtesy of MercuryApp LLCIf our Smartphones weren't taking over our lives enough already, they're now butting in on our relationships. If you're dating someone who makes you hot one day and cold the next, your phone can now let you know whether or not you two should just be friends.

Sarah Gray, a Chicago-based programmer, was going through a rocky, long-distance relationship several years ago when she came up with the app, "Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?" in her living room. Gray said in a statement:

"I wished I had a way to track how I felt about him and our relationship, and could see a graph which would show me if things were mostly good–or mostly sucked. That way, I could do something about it."

Gray said she wanted an objective opinion on the matter.

"Being able to see your relationship clearly and objectively is the ­first step on the path to a happy, healthy, love life," Gray said. "Sometimes, we need an objective voice to help us appreciate a good thing or accept something painful. And this app helps us tap into the best voice of all - the one inside ourselves."

I can't help but think if you're depending on an app to decide the fate of your relationship, it's probably not going too well anyway. I should also mention that, for now, this app is focused on boyfriends, though I imagine it can be used in the same way to see if you should break up with your girlfriend.

At any rate, here's how it works, according to the app itself:

"To help you track your ups and downs, we'll send you a daily reminder to rate how you're feeling about him. You'll also have the option to add notes to each rating. You can rate him as often as you like, since you never know when he might surprise you."

You enter those ratings for about two weeks, and you're not able to see your results during that time.  Once you've told your phone how you feel, you then get advice based on your entry patterns. The app admits it doesn’t replace time with a licensed therapist or best friend, but it does tell us:

"This information is displayed as a graph…"

So you know you're dealing with real science here.  I know it's just silly fun, but here's the part where it gets a bit over-the-top:

"We save your entries for past boyfriends so you can review them any time. You'll always have access to all of your diary notes and statistics, which can come in handy if you ever forget what's great (or not so great) about a particular guy."

If there was any doubt that our social lives are suffering because of technology, this should squash it. Because not only are our phones replacing human interaction, they're now reminding us about our own feelings. Who needs memories when it's right there in your phone?

Then again, I suppose it's like revisiting an old diary. If you choose not to take it that seriously, the app is probably an interesting little diversion. Gray's results? She found that she was only happy about 39 percent of the time. She realized it was time to move on from her relationship, thanks to "Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?"

That's an awkward conversation. Sorry, honey. My phone thinks we should see other people...

"Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?" is available for the iPhone in the App Store. What do you think? Would you take relationship advice from your phone?

Photo: Courtesy of MercuryApp LLC

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Jun 12, 2012 10:09PM
If you really need an App to decide if you like me, just dump me. I promise that if you really liked me, the app would not even cross your mind. I want a women who is happy so I can be happy too.
   I think this devise is used to put things into perspective.  Journaling in a journal also can provide these results.  Somtimes.... Esp. girls go to their friends for advice.  That is o.k. but... they are not around your situation  all the time . Friends like to stay on your side at all times. If a friend is jealous of you they may tell you to get rid of this person because they want what you have. People also go to thir parents for support on this . From my experiece and I've  had some . When you go to parents they will always take your side and if you happen to get back with the person your in a  RELATIONSHIP   with your parents don 't forget  what that person put you through.
Jun 12, 2012 9:50PM
Just goes to show how easily manipulated Women are by Rag Magazines and now Apps that are the NEW Feminine media.  Geez,  are you really that insecure that you have to rely on a Software Programmer and a FREE App to tell you whether a relationship is good or not.
Jun 12, 2012 9:30PM

If you need this app to make a decision about your relationship, You shouldn't be in one.

Background check apps can be handy though

Jun 12, 2012 9:19PM
And just when I thought we couldn't become any more dependent on technology....
Jun 12, 2012 9:07PM
Good gravy - people just don't possess critical thinking when it comes tor relationships.  It's easier and better to have a device tell you what to do - like you don't know already. Sheesh
Jun 12, 2012 9:06PM
I could see using this for kicks, if it was free. I dont understand why anyone would actually buy it?
Jun 12, 2012 8:41PM
And yes. There are idiots who will buy into this.
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