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And the best city for dating is ....

Men's Health ranks the best places for dating and relationships.

By Mens Health Magazine Feb 8, 2013 5:23PM

If you live in Atlanta and your name is Ted Turner, you don't need help finding a girlfriend—or four, the number Turner was juggling last May. Alas, Atlanta singles without billions aren't so lucky.

"The city is very spread out," said Janet Page, Ph.D., a relationship therapist in Atlanta. "It can be hard to break into the social scene."

This may be why Hotlanta is a hotbed of online dating.

Photo: Best cities for online dating / Richard Williams Photography/Getty Images"People here are almost never members of just one site," Page said. "They're on two or three."

Here are the top 100 cities in America for dating:

1.    Atlanta, GA
2.    Denver, CO
3.    San Diego, CA
4.    Orlando, FL
5.    San Francisco, CA

The 10 commandments of online dating
6.    Las Vegas, NV
7.    Miami, FL
8.    Seattle, WA
9.    Charlotte, NC
10.  Minneapolis, MN
11.    Austin, TX
12.    Tampa, FL
13.    Portland, ME
14.    Pittsburgh, PA
15.    Raleigh, NC
16.    Houston, TX
17.    New York, NY
18.    Dallas, TX
19.    Indianapolis, IN

How to land the girl of your dreams
20.    Chicago, IL
21.    Jacksonville, FL
22.    Salt Lake City, UT
23.    Louisville, KY
24.    Washington, DC
25.    Baltimore, MD
26.    Cincinnati, OH
27.    Colorado Springs, CO
28.    San Antonio, TX
29.    Philadelphia, PA
30.    Boston, MA
31.    Phoenix, AZ
32.    Columbus, OH
33.    Los Angeles, CA
34.    Omaha, NE
35.    Kansas City, MO
36.    Cleveland, OH
37.    Columbia, SC
38.    Sacramento, CA
39.    Virginia Beach, VA
40.    Lexington, KY
41.    Tucson, AZ
42.    Nashville, TN
43.    San Jose, CA
44.    St. Louis, MO
45.    Boise City, ID
46.    Madison, WI
47.    Birmingham, AL
48.    Baton Rouge, LA
49.    Tulsa, OK
50.    Milwaukee, WI
51.    Oklahoma City, OK
52.    St. Paul, MN
53.    Charleston, WV
54.    Fort Worth, TX
55.    Buffalo, NY
56.    Greensboro, NC
57.    Albuquerque, NM
58.    Des Moines, IA
59.    Manchester, NH
60.    Honolulu, HI
61.    Anchorage, AK
62.    Plano, TX
63.    Portland, OR
64.    Lincoln, NE
65.    Fort Wayne, IN
66.    Aurora, CO
67.    Providence, RI
68.    Reno, NV
69.    Cheyenne, WY
70.    New Orleans, LA
71.    Norfolk, VA
72.    Riverside, CA
73.    Memphis, TN
74.    Toledo, OH
75.    Fargo, ND
76.    Jersey City, NJ
77.    Wichita, KS
78.    Winston-Salem, NC
79.    Wilmington, DE
80.    Durham, NC
81.    Billings, MT
82.    Little Rock, AR
83.    El Paso, TX
84.    Fresno, CA
85.    Anaheim, CA
86.    Corpus Christi, TX
87.    Oakland, CA
88.    Burlington, VT
89.    Bakersfield, CA
90.    Lubbock, TX
91.    Chesapeake, VA
92.    Detroit, MI
93.    Bridgeport, CT
94.    St. Petersburg, FL
95.    San Bernardino, CA
96.    Jackson, MS
97.    Newark, NJ
98.    Sioux Falls, SD
99.    Stockton, CA
100.  Laredo, TX

Photo: Richard Williams Photography/Getty Images

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Feb 19, 2013 3:50AM
I'm from Atlanta. I love Atlanta. And maybe it is a hotbed of online dating. That being said... online dating is only really fair to white women. Women in general have it better than men in any dating arena, but especially online. A woman can just click ignore while she waits on a better man to come after her; it doesn't work the other way around. But out of men in general, Asian men have it the worst with online dating:


I would honestly sat that if you're an Asian guy, it just isn't worth it to try online dating. You're better off learning how to master being a BOSS in person.
Feb 8, 2013 10:58PM

i lived in several metro areas and i shall say

in dc/md/va women are approximately 8 to 1 so men run wild with choices and not just single men but married men tend to run around in the area

in ny/nj/ct women are approximately 5 to 1 and the men dont run as wild maybe because they know someone will tell and you will get caught (and you dont need maury)

in pittsburgh/philly women are approximately 3 to 1 and they area probably similar to the ny/nj/ct area


basically, many people sign up for various sites in hopes to land a good catch. truth of the matter is that too many people are also signing up to find a person to sleep with for a month then dump them for the next best thing. others are signing up to get free meals, some are signing up to get someone they can use and buy them shoes, bags, clothes or even pay their bills...


my ratios may not be accurate however those were the ones that i remembered from a few years ago and probably changed.  anyway, we all will be with the person we decide to be with for whatever reason. if it is love then it will have staying power cause love does conquer all... if it is lopsided and one of the people dont really love the other guess what, the sneaking, creeping, and cheating will start and the person who isnt in love will find every excuse and blame the other partner for not satisfying them someway instead of admitting they werent into that person and they want someone else.


good luck dating everyone, and may you find the person you deserve :^)

Feb 8, 2013 10:49PM
Feb 8, 2013 10:44PM
IGNORANT article. And the best city for dating is.... Oh.... wait... online??? What??? Who gives a crap. 
Feb 8, 2013 10:43PM
What about men? How to land the man of your dreams. would help us ladies out there.
Feb 8, 2013 10:31PM
Not sure how Seattle made number 8.
Should be at the bottom.
Feb 8, 2013 10:31PM
Funny, only 2 NJ cities named and both are not the type of place you'd go looking for a significant other. Being in NJ myself, it's definitely not the friendliest of states and most people are not worth each other's time. 

Newark and Jersey City are not great places. Maybe some small parts are, but the bulk of both cities are not full of the best single people. I can literally think of other cities in NJ that are way better for meeting someone than those two places.
I'd love to know where they found these findings from. 

Feb 8, 2013 10:21PM

bull crap!!!!


no WAY san diego is 3rd...the women here are the most stuck up,shallow,stuck on the big three(money,looks,fame) more than anywhere else in the world


i literally have not been able to find a date in 15 years.....

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