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Bride plans wedding 10 years before meeting her groom

Say what you will about the bride, but there's one thing you can't call her—a procrastinator.

By Kristin Wong Jan 31, 2013 5:37PM

When Shawn Owens proposed to his girlfriend Kate, she accepted. And then she whipped out a binder that included every detail of the couple's wedding, down to the menus. The binder was aptly labeled, "Life." Years before Kate even met Shawn, this wedding had been painstakingly planned.

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"I think some people probably thought I was nuts," Owens told ABC News.

Kate even went so far as to book a band back in 2003. She saw them playing at a bar and thought they would be perfect for her sometime-in-the-future ceremony.

"I booked my band nine years in advance. I said, ''I don't have a groom, but if you guys are still around, will you play my wedding?'"

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For nearly a decade, Kate had been perfecting her big day. She hired a wedding planner, picked out the dresses and even knew what hairstyles she wanted for her wedding party.

"I knew the style of wedding dress I wanted. I knew what style bridesmaids' dress I wanted. I knew the color scheme. I knew I wanted it to be outdoors."

When she met Shawn, she didn't him about these plans--understandable. So when he proposed, and Kate revealed her secret, Shawn says he was "a little surprised." But eventually, he learned to appreciate Kate's…er

"The fact that she had so much planning done ahead of time, I realized how low-stress this process was going to be."

Is Kate's behavior odd, or is she just highly-organized? Is it okay to plan the wedding without the groom? The Heart Beat talked to Kristin Banta, who owns an event-planning firm in Los Angeles.

"These are two people coming together for a union. They should be united in their planning and be on the same page. It should not be all about the bride," Banta told us. "This is their first opportunity to present something reflective of them as a married couple. And I'm not sure why or how this idea of it being solely 'her day' has come about."

To be fair, Shawn did have some input when the couple married last June:

"He picked out the tux that he wore," Kate said. "He picked out the suit and everything that the guys wore. I just gave him a color scheme to work with."

Shawn revealed that he and Kate are now working on starting a family.  We bet the colleges are all picked out.

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Photo: Tom Grill/Getty Images

Feb 7, 2013 9:19PM

Being organized is an asset.  Unlike the bridezilla's who put everything off until the last minute and then abuse and scream at those around them.


Good for this bride, that she had the foresight and ambition to look ahead and divert all the wedding drama and last minute craziness while still having her groom be involved in the process.

Feb 6, 2013 5:22PM
what a freak.  shawn take the ring back!
Feb 2, 2013 1:44AM
Actually, I work in the bridal industry in a very high depend location..  (Wedding season here lasts about 10 months out of the year)...  and I'd say I'm not surprised.  I've seen binders heavy as bricks and stuffed to way over-capacity that brides have been indeed working on for quite some time.  And yes, I have before been booked to work a wedding before the couple was actually engaged.  Is it obsessive compulsive? Yes.  Will she be a nightmare bridezilla for her planner and vendors? Yes.  Will she be stressed out anyway? Yes.  But is this rare? Not really.
Feb 2, 2013 1:41AM

I agree w the guy who said, "Run, Shawn, run."  The groom is quoted as saying, 
"The fact that she had so much planning done ahead of time, I realized how low-stress this process was going to be." 
I'd say just the opposite.  This woman would freak if everything wasn't perfect. I threw together my wedding in less than 2 mos and it cost less than $1,000.  It was small, very low stress, simple and delicious.  How can anyone justify going into debt for a wedding?!  I realize that it doesn't say how much she spent, but I'm sure it was a lot.  
Feb 2, 2013 1:35AM
Romney whipped a binder full of women and look where he ended. Sorry guys no binders for me.
Feb 2, 2013 1:31AM
God only knows what else she might be planning.  The guy got himself into a trap.
Feb 2, 2013 1:25AM
Oh, please. I found the perfect dress 5 years before I met my husband. My only worry was if I would still fit into it. I've known plenty of women who had made plans for their wedding day, decades before they met the man they'd marry. Many have this idea for a fairytale wedding. Blame Disney or what-have-you, but it doesn't make them psychotic or creepy.
I agree with Shawn. That had to be one of the lowest stress weddings EVER.

Feb 2, 2013 1:25AM
Why is she getting married to a man? She should just have herself cloned! The marriage will last longer and they both can have headaches and not in the mood tonight together.
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