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We've watched 1.2 million years of porn in 16 years

And that's on just two sites.

By Kristin Wong Dec 21, 2012 5:42PM

Since 1996, Internet users have spent a staggering amount of time watching porn: 1.2 million years' worth, to be exact.

Adult search engine PornWatchers.com released some interesting statistics regarding our porn viewing habits. And while the numbers may surprise you, what's even more astounding is that the details come from just two adult sites.

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Together, adult websites Youporn and xHamster contain a total of 735,000 videos, and since their launch in 2006, the sites have received 93 billion views.

That's a lot of views, especially for videos that don't include any Gangnam Style dance moves (that we know of).

Both sites are now growing on an average of 22,000 videos per month, and together, the sites have received a collective 158 million ratings. Sixty-three percent of those ratings are positive.

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People's massive porn viewing habits have some experts worried that pornography is prompting a generation of new relationship issues.

Norman Doidge is a psychologist who studied the behaviors of porn users and wrote about the findings in a book, The Brain Changes Itself. Doidge wrote:

"They reported increasing difficulty in being turned on by their actual sexual partners, spouses or girlfriends, though they still considered them objectively attractive. When I asked if this phenomenon had any relationship to viewing pornography, they answered that it initially helped them get more excited during sex but over time had the opposite effect."

With 1.2 million years under our belt, it might be a stretch to think porn wasn't affecting our relationships.

But what do you think? Are people's porn-viewing habits excessive? Do these numbers surprise you?

Photo: Artur Marciniec/Alamy

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