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Dating Site Lets You Build a Dream Man, Then Find Him

Online dating has never been this customizable.

By Kristin Wong Jul 26, 2012 3:20PM

Photo: ©iDreamofU.comYou can customize nearly everything else in life, and now, a new dating site allows you to customize your potential partner, too.

We all have certain physical features we're attracted to, and iDreamofU allows users to build a dream date according to those features. After creating your ideal man or woman, the site then matches you with real members who look similar to the character you've created. Think The Sims meets Match.com.

After registering, users complete basic information about themselves, including what ethnicity they prefer—don't worry, if you don't discriminate, you have the option of creating several avatars.

From there, you choose clothes, facial features and accessories for your dream date. Like long noses? Glasses? Mustaches? There's an array of options available, and once your dream guy or gal looks just right, you submit the photo and iDreamofU's software matches the image with users who look like your creation.

But it's not just about looks, either. The site also asks personality and relationship questions to customize your matches even further. After all, what good is a George Clooney lookalike if he has the personality of The Situation?

Karen Howard, the owner of iDreamofU, had this to say about the brand in a press release:

"IDOU is fun and entertaining in that you can create a person just for the experience or in the hopes of meeting the person you've built. That you can share the person you created with friends through social media is an added bonus."

But it's not just for singles. There's a "build only" option that lets users build the avatar without being matched. So, if you want to just tinker around and maybe recreate your favorite male celebrity, you can do that without making yourself available. The site also seems to have a weird obsession with Fifty Shades of Grey character Christian Grey:

"The [iDreamofU] software allows users to build their version of Christian Grey or anyone else they choose to create," the press release reads.

The homepage also advertises: "Christian Grey is an iDreamofU Away!"

What do you think—is this (mostly) looks-based dating site amusing or absurd?

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Photo: ©iDreamofU.com

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Jun 3, 2013 4:35AM
There are MILLIONS of Dating sites all over the planet and nobody can find Mister or Miss Perfect for them <SNAP FAST> anywhere! 

And how will this site work?
Jul 29, 2012 9:57AM
Build to high and you won't ever get there! Build yourself, by knowing your good and bad sides first. Except who you are. The things you need to change, should be changed. Be able to except that change. Learn to love and respect yourself. Then find the right man. And vice versa, men should do the same. If you do not know the inside, you sure don't know the outside. She said he said, the eyes, the hair, the walk, the talk, the car, the house etc... does'nt count in these situations. Know yourself and know them, without being 101 questions.
Jul 26, 2012 10:29PM
I tried the site and I was able to build a girl no problem. Pretty fun. 

I think it's a cool new spin that online dating needs. Compatibility comes in all forms. 
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