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Is kissing cheating? Some men don't think so

A poll shows men have a much looser definition of infidelity.

By Kristin Wong Feb 7, 2013 4:51PM

When it comes to infidelity, men and women can generally agree on one thing—having sex with another person is cheating. 

But from there, the definition varies between the sexes.

Photo: Is kissing cheating? / Russell Underwood/Getty ImagesOnline dating sites ChristianMingle.com and JDate.com recently released a report titled, "State of Dating." It included a survey of 2,700 singles, asking them what they believe constitutes cheating. All of the women polled—100 percent—said that kissing someone else is an act of infidelity. However, lots of guys weren't on the same page. Only 86 percent of men agreed that kissing is indeed cheating.

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The differences didn't end there.

Some experts say emotional infidelity is worse than having a sexual affair. Last year, The Heart Beat talked to infidelity expert Ruth Houston, who explained:

"Emotional infidelity will cause one partner to leave the other partner, even if there's no sex involved. That is a situation from which, probably, you will never be able to recover."

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But survey respondents were less worried about emotional cheating, with 77 percent of women deeming it infidelity, and only half of men (55 percent) feeling the same way.

"Most affairs start with a friendship," Houston added. "If an emotional affair goes unchecked, it will become a physical affair if the opportunity presents itself."

Eighty-two percent of women also said online flirting or texting counts as cheating. Not surprisingly, only 56 percent of men agreed.

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Tell us what you think—is kissing cheating? Does an emotional affair as bad as a physical affair?

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