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Oh man, do I hate when people get into one-upping discussions about how extremely busy and tired and overworked they are. Still, there's no denying most people these days have a lot going on, and plenty of them use it as an excuse to avoid the dating scene.

I think it’s a total bull excuse to be too busy to date, I’m intrigued by this new solution offered by a British website: Part-time dating. Started by relationships author Helen Croydon, is a new site launched for those who want to find love, but not be overwhelmed with obligations. Says Croydon:

‘It isn’t about no-strings hook-ups, nor is it about finding The One. It is aimed at singletons who want the sparks and fireworks of a genuine love affair and the regularity of a committed partner but don’t have the time for a conventional, full-time partnership. They’re likely to include single parents, new divorcees, the career-focused and those who travel a lot.’

To be honest, when I initially clicked on the Metro article on this site, I was prepared to make fun of this. But when you put it that way, this idea actually does make sense for people with really busy or non-traditional schedules (I’m thinking on-call doctors and nurses), who can still probably find some time to date, but need someone that will be understanding of their unusual hours.

And aside from busy work schedules, I don’t even hate the idea of people who just frankly don’t want to spend all their time with a new partner, and who value having their own space and activities. Some people like spending all their spare time, especially at the beginning of a relationship, with their lover, and that’s fine too. But it can’t hurt to make it clear from the beginning how much time you’re willing to devote to another person, right?

Are you into the idea of a part-time relationship? Do you find yourself too busy to commit enough time to another person? Does your schedule conflict with your guys?