Zombies seem to be having a moment. There's Plants vs. Zombies, for example and AMC's zombie hit, The Walking Dead.

And now, brides and grooms-to-be are taking advantage of the undead trend by throwing their very own weird, zombie-themed weddings. Bridezilla? Try Bridezombie.

Zombie theme weddings(Photo: Nathan Morgan Daily News)

Just over the weekend, 30 year-old Amanda Cusumano married 40 year-old Todd Lambert in an intimate, zombie-themed ceremony in Michigan. The bride and groom dressed as brain-eaters, as did their friends and family. Amanda wore a black velvet dress; her groom wore a black suit and fake monster teeth, holding a skeleton-headed cane as he vowed his undying love. Pastor Eric Drummonds said the two came together "to celebrate one of the scariest moments of their lives."

If you're planning a wedding and you have a soft spot for the living dead, you're in luck. You can now buy custom-made zombie wedding cakes, and online marketplace Etsy is chock-full of zombie wedding decorations. The zombie wedding is becoming so popular, there's even a musical in its honor, aptly titled, Zombie Wedding: A Musical Zomedy.

It's not just a Halloween thing, either. In August, Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson wed during Louisville, Kentucky's annual Zombie Attack, according to The Courier-Journal. And Juliana Park and Ben Lee didn't have a zombie wedding, but they did have zombie engagement photos, staging an attack with the help of their photographer friend Amanda Rynda.

Kendra Lacey wed Matthew Leach in Monmouth, New Jersey earlier this month. After the wedding, they headed over to the annual Asbury Zombie Walk, as they were dressed for the occasion anyway.

"Why a zombie wedding? Because I want my kids to ask me why," Lacey explained.

Her husband added: "Why the hell else would you want to have a normal wedding when you can have a zombie wedding?"

What do you think of the zombie wedding trend -- is it cool or just plain creepy?

Photo: Nathan Morgan/Daily News