UPDATE: Some news organizations are reporting that the revenge message broadcast on a billboard in in Greensboro, N.C., was actually just an advertisement for a restaurant.

The ad in question was replaced the very next day with another billboard ad, this time with a message for "Jessica" to meet "Jennifer" at Yodaddy's (a dessert bar), reports ABC News.


Holy heartbreak — this scorned woman got serious revenge.

Apparently, a North Carolina woman was so outraged by her husband's infidelity, she decided to broadcast it via a billboard on a busy street in Greensboro, N.C.

Paying homage to the MasterCard "Priceless" campaign, the woman, Jennifer, announced the following on a bright red billboard:

Photo: Courtesy of Fox8 via Facebook (Woman calls out cheating boyfriend on billboard )

"Michael —
GPS tracker — $250, Nikon camera with zoom lens — $1600, Catching my LYING HUSBAND and buying this billboard with our investment account - Priceless.
Tell Jessica you're moving in!

– Jennifer"

Greensboro's MyFox8 reported that the sign has "turned a lot of heads" and even slowed traffic in the area yesterday afternoon.

“The little message to Jessica is perfect," an unidentified woman told the news outlet. ”I wish I had done that in an earlier relationship.”

Not sure this is the most frugal way to plot revenge, but "Jennifer" certainly got her point across.

"Look out Michael, you are going to get it," another woman said.

The over-the-top move has some believing it’s a marketing ploy, and this could very well be the case.  Back in 2006, Court TV pulled a similar stunt, wherein a series of billboards were later revealed to be a promotion for an upcoming series.

Then again, it wouldn't be terribly surprising that a scorned lover should go to such lengths for revenge. Earlier this month, a wife made headlines for getting revenge on her cheating husband by selling all of his stuff on Craigslist.

"Last minute spontaneous estate sale,” she wrote in the ad, dated March 8. “Husband left us for a piece of trash. Selling everything while he is gone this weekend with his floozie.”

Up for sale? A red leather sofa and "lots of tools which he didn't have a clue how to use."

If that's not enough vengeance indulgence for you, earlier this week, a husband took it upon himself to settle the score when his wife cheated with a guy named Charles.

He typed up a letter titled, "Do you know who you live near?" The note outlined the man's fling with his wife and included details of their affair as well as Charles' personal information. The husband then distributed the letter to Charles' neighbors, co-workers and fellow church members.

Is it just us, or has it been a busy month for revenge?