Valentine's Day gone wrong (Photo: The Nest)

“On our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple I had the flu and started throwing up. My husband spent the night cleaning up after me thinking he was going to have to take me to the hospital.” -- Abby1024nJoe

“I made a beautiful picnic on the floor and ended up crying because he made fun of my picnic. Since then, we keep Valentine’s Day really understated.” -- jays_lady44

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“My ex-boyfriend sent a bouquet of flowers to my work, where my guy happened to be employed. That went over really well.” -- 612BrideCT

“We had carnation deliveries on Valentine’s Day and I got some! Then I was told there was another girl in the office building with the same first and last name and they were supposed to go to her.” – Husky42Gal

“We went to a nice restaurant and when we went to pay, he had no cash or a debit card and I didn't have money on me so we had to beg them to take a personal check. When we left, it was raining and he locked his keys in the truck! Nightmare.” -- Meg00

“I had a thing for a guy I bartened with, so we made plans to go back to his place on Valentine’s Day. I walk in to the lights off, candles burning, Luther Vandross blasting, and him standing there in his naked pasty-white glory. I walked out and never talked to him again.” -- SumKre

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“We had been dating for a few weeks and he brought over flowers and a cookie cake. When we didn’t eat it that night he took it home with him! He was back with his ex by the end of the week.” – H.H

“We had an aunt over for a few days and she left behind a small bottle of white wine in her room. I saved it for Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend at the time opened the bottle and it looked very bubbly and frothy, but I didn’t think anything of it. When he poured the wine, we both and drank it and to my horror, I realized it was soapy water!” – A.S

“A few days before the holiday I was cleaning out the trunk of his car when I found a jewelry bag with a little box inside. When I finally opened it on Valentine’s Day, it was…earrings. We had been dating for two-and-a-half years and I was all ready for a proposal.” – L.P