A recent survey revealed that couples bicker in the bedroom a whopping 167 times a year. That's nearly half the year, and that's just in the bedroom.

Man and woman in bed(Photo: Mike Kemp, Rubberbal for Getty Images)

The bedroom is ideally reserved for sleep and sex, so exactly what are couples fighting about in there?

United Kingdom hotel chain Premier Inn surveyed 2,000 adults and found that the top cause for arguing in the bedroom is hogging the duvet. Here's an idea: get a bigger duvet.

The second cause of arguments is snoring. One in 10 couples admitted to fighting over snoring at least twice a week. If you've ever slept in the same bed with a man who's had a heavy meal and a few beers, you can probably empathize. More than half of respondents blamed the snoring on men.

According to the Daily Mail, Claire Haigh, of Premier Inn, said:

"People suffer from snoring to varying degrees and the research shows how something like snoring can impact on our day to day lives especially if one person in the relationship is missing out on much needed sleep."

But it's not just snoring and hogging the covers. Being too hot, letting the kids sleep in bed, and not wanting sex were also points of contention in the boudoir.

Haigh added:

"Our research shows most of the arguments couples have in the bedroom are down to habits that are easy to resolve as a relationship develops."

The top 10 bedroom brawls include:

1. Hogging the duvet

2. Snoring

3. Being too hot

4. Not being 'in the mood'

5. Allowing the children to sleep in the bed

6. Venturing on to the wrong side of the bed

7. Being too cold

8. Being touched by your partners cold feet

9. The time at which you go to bed

10. Leaving a light on to read

Photo: Mike Kemp/Rubberball/Getty Images