Guys might think us ladies are always on the lookout for the perfect man. But, as it turns out, there is no ideal guy. In a study conducted by Remington, of 2,000 women, most ranked their partner as only 69 percent "perfect." See? We got off that crazy train a long time ago. Now it's your time. There's no such thing as the perfect women, either.

They say perfection is in the eye of the beholder, blah blah. But really, as cheesy as this sounds, the only thing you can be perfect at is being yourself. It's really your only viable option, if you're playing a numbers game, because every woman is looking for something different.

We aren't that fond of guys trying to be perfect, either. We don't want to feel inferior. And we especially hate it when guys try to be someone they're not. If you're not that hilarious, laugh harder at our jokes instead. If you're not that introspective, stop telling us about the boring book you just read. If you're bad at sports, show us how great you are at trivial pursuit. You don't have to be the perfect guy, you just have to be perfect for us.

Even if you try to mimic all the big-ticket traits that females usually fall for, you could still easily end up with the dreaded "great on paper" label. It roughly translates into: A guy who is successful, driven, good-looking, funny, friendly, and single, but with something missing. That something is chemistry. And a relationship without a spark is eating turkey bacon for breakfast-it seems normal, but you're still just faking it.