We've conducted a little survey to help girlfriends and wives quit annoying behaviors cold turkey.

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We've polled 20 dudes to see which Annoying Girlfriend Behaviors (AGBs) they're willing to put up with, and which ones are pushing them to the brink of insanity. Remember, we're all in this together!

Annoying Girlfriend Behaviors, Courtesy of YourTango // Annoying Girlfriend Behaviors, Courtesy of YourTango

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It seems nagging falls smack in the middle of the scale, which means if you've been constantly complaining about his shirt on the floor or the dirty dishes in the sink, it's not an ultimate dealbreaker. There's still hope — and time to change your nagging ways.

So what things were guys being nagged about by their girlfriends of the past? The fellas confessed the cleanliness of their apartment was a major argument-starter, but the No. 1 topic that sparks a nagging storm? This one surprised us: Friends — both male and female friends.

"I had numerous arguments with my ex-girlfriend about hanging out — whether to hang out with her friends or mine," said Jon, 26.

For Chris, 30, his friendships with other girls became an issue. Similarly, Jose, 39 got nagged about his ex-girlfriends.

What Annoying Girlfriend Behaviors (AGBs) are you guilty of?