Most of us have been there -- days after what you thought was the perfect first date, and your phone has never been more silent.

Or conversely, you made the worst first date impression imaginable, and the next day, you get a surprising text. Heck, maybe even years later, you're walking down the aisle with your bad first date.

Man and woman on date(Photo: Nuno Silva for Getty Images)

From first dates to long term love, there's nothing particularly new about men and women having strikingly different perspectives. We've all seen 90s stand-up comedy.

But a new study from the University of Texas shows just how differently men and women view new relationships. The study finds that, the more attractive a woman is, the more a man thinks she's interested in him. Women, on the other hand, usually underestimate a man's attraction toward them.

A handful of men were interviewed here about their perspectives on a first date. And probably the most interesting find is, it takes singles 20 minutes or less to decide whether they want a second date with someone.

So set your timers, put on a big smile, and find out what men are looking for from their first dates.

But first, what turns them off:

- Complaining (if work sucks, leave it there)
- Talking about your baggage (no ex talk)
- Babbling (stick to a topic you're both interested in)
- Plastic surgery (keep the face lift under wraps)

And on a more positive note, here are the factors that make men want a second date:

- Smiling (be friendly and approachable)
- Sincerity (being yourself goes a long way)
- Compliments (who doesn't love a compliment?)
- Light, casual touching (just don't get too carried away, or your first date might turn into a one night stand!)