Many factors contribute to how we handle our emotions, and the society in which we grew up is certainly one of those factors.

Gallup recently measured the daily emotions of 150 countries to find which were the most and least emotional.  Chances are, if you're an American, you'll have strong feelings about this poll — the United States ranked No. 15 on the list of most emotional countries.

Least and most emotional countries, Eriko Koga Getty Images (Photo: Eriko Koga Getty Images)

To determine their participants' emotions, Gallup asked them a series of questions about their positive and negative feelings during the previous day:

How about (enjoyment, physical pain, worry, sadness, stress, anger)?"

Gallup then "averaged together the percentage of residents in each country who said they experienced each of the 10 positive and negative emotions." Fifty-four percent of Americans reported experiencing these emotions daily, and that garnered us the No. 15 spot on the list of most emotional countries.

But at 60 percent, the Philippines topped the list. El Salvador came in second, and Bahrain, Oman, Colombia and Costa Rica also made the list.

As for the countries with least emotional societies, Singapore ranked No. 1, with only 36 percent of residents saying they experienced the 10 positive and negative emotions Gallup presented.

Georgia, Lithuania, Russia and Madagascar all made the list of least emotional countries.

So why do we need to know which societies are most likely to cry and laugh on any given day? A Gallup press release explains:

"Behavioral indicators such as positive and negative emotions are a vital measure of a society's wellbeing. Leaders worldwide are starting to incorporate such behavioral-based indicators into the metrics they use to evaluate their countries because they realize that traditional economic indicators such as GDP and 40-hour workweeks alone do not, and cannot, quantify the human condition."

At any rate, Gallup's rankings are below. Are you surprised by the findings?

Most emotional countries:
1.Philippines: 60 percent
2.El Salvador: 57 percent
3.Bahrain: 56 percent
4.Oman: 55 percent
5.Colombia: 55 percent
6.Chile: 54 percent
7.Costa Rica: 54 percent
8.Canada: 54 percent
9.Guatemala: 54 percent
10.Bolivia: 54 percent
11.Ecuador: 54 percent
12.Dominican Republic: 54 percent
13.Peru: 54 percent
14.Nicaragua: 54 percent
15.United States: 54 percent

Least emotional countries:
1.Singapore: 36 percent
2.Georgia: 37 percent
3.Lithuania: 37 percent
4.Russia: 38 percent
5.Madagascar: 38 percent
6.Ukraine: 38 percent
7.Belarus: 38 percent
8.Kazakhstan: 38 percent
9.Nepal: 38 percent
10.Kyrgyzstan: 38 percent

Photo: Eriko Koga/Getty Images