Woman crying(Photo: Courtesy of Thinkstock)

Apparently it's almost impossible to get an accurate demographic of female adultery because women won't risk their marriages and social lives to report it. Which makes sense, considering I won't even tell you what I ate last night and how I feel about it. OK, Popeye's. And actually, kind of fine.

We knew it might be genetic (shudder), but now this: according to a sad new article, based on studies from Indiana University and Manchester Metropolitan University, although the recorded data reads that roughly 20-25% of men and 15-20% of women have conducted extramarital affairs, certain numbers have actually hinted it could be as high as 50% for women.

The article really gets interesting when it details the "emotional reasons" women, rather than men, may cheat. For instance, "I cheat to feel desired and desirable," "I cheat to feel understood," "When I cheat I feel more appreciated," et cetera.

Infidelity, the article states, is still considered a male problem--but don't you guys think that assigning these emotional wants and needs as exclusively "girl stuff" just perpetuates the problem? I mean, guys want to feel desired and appreciated too, and women have cheated just to have sex for sex's sake.