A recent poll sent to The Huffington Post surveyed 1,100 women between the ages of 18 to 25, asking if they would trade their intelligence for bigger breasts. A whopping one-third of respondents said yes, they would.

Probably a crucial factor in this survey, though, is the age range: 18-25. It's no secret that, generally speaking, younger girls are far more impressionable and consequently more body-conscious than older women.

Woman looking seductive(PhotoL Christina Arena for Getty Images)

Who knows how much time I wasted in my early twenties worrying about my meager assets in the boob bank? And while I probably wouldn't have traded in my intelligence for a bountiful bosom, it might have been tempting.

The poll also found that 24 percent of those women who wanted large breasts felt that it would make them "feel happier." And while only one-third of women would trade their smarts for a bigger cup size, nearly half (44 percent) of women said they would rather have a "slim figure" than high intelligence. Out of those women, 29 percent said being slim would make them feel "more confident."

So much for knowledge being power, and Rosie The Riveter might as well have been wearing a push-up bra.

The study seems to suggest that women value themselves by using men's criteria rather than their own. Putting aside the sad revelation of that, some women might also have a skewed view of what men value, anyway. As one male reader commented: "Big breasts are like a CD player in a car. If it has one, cool. If not, no big deal."

Hey, ladies. You know what part of you wasn't compared to an outdated vehicle feature? Your brain.