Speak up! Interrupting her during a first date can help you land the second—if you do it the right way, finds a study from Stanford University.

After analyzing more than 1,000 speed-date conversations and follow-up surveys, researchers found women were more likely to report “clicking” with a guy (and wanting to see him again) if he occasionally cut in or talked over her. Here’s the catch: Interrupting her only worked in a guy’s favor if he was agreeing with his date, encouraging her, or finishing her sentences or thoughts, the research shows.

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While men tend to take turns speaking, women are more likely to talk over one another in order to show support or like-mindedness, explains study coauthor Dan Jurafsky, Ph.D. By interrupting her in order to build on or support what she’s telling you (“I know!” or “That happens to me all the time!”), you’re showing her that you’re both on the same page, or you’re excited, adds coauthor Daniel McFarland, Ph.D.

Not such a hot idea: Interrupting her to change the topic or talk about yourself. Both of these “non-collaborative” interruptions come off as controlling, and will torpedo your date in a hurry, McFarland says.

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