Sure, you promised to love and to cherish each other forever. But your wedding vows definitely didn't mention putting up with your partner's snoring -- or listening to him read the newspaper out loud every morning. His quirks grate your nerves, but there's something endearing (and adorable) about his annoying habits. For instance, I really want to hate it when my man sings off-key, but I actually find it strangely cute. Check out what members of had to say when asked to reveal their partners' most irritating (yet lovable) quirks.

Husband habits you hate to love(Photo: The Nest)

"My husband reviews his work by whispering to himself. He doesn't know that I love listening to him think out loud." -- Danielle

"He has a funny tip-figuring face!" -- Blair

"He sings around the house, but changes the words to be about us and what we're doing. Sometimes I'm amazed at the creative lyrics -- and tunes. I swear, one day there was a whole musical." -- Elena

"My husband is naively optimistic, and I wouldn't have it any other way." -- Nadia

"My hubby has this insane-sounding giggle when he's up to something mischievous. It's adorable!" -- Michelle

"My husband wears calculator watches and ugly wolf sweaters that make everyone laugh. But it attracts me to him!" -- Shauna

"He wakes me up from naps by tracing my face with his finger. It irritates me at the time, but it's actually very sweet." -- Heather

"He tickles my daughter at bedtime. I say I hate it (because he's getting her all excitable when she's supposed to be sleeping), but secretly I think it's sweet and a memory she'll have forever." -- Shannon

Photo: Courtesy of The Nest