They say the best way to get over someone is to meet someone else. One woman from Madhya Pradesh, India, really took that advice to heart.

A bride named Ruksar was all set to marry her fiancé, Parvez, on Monday. But her wedding turned out to be a daylong drama-filled event that, eventually, had a happy ending.

Photo: Bride finds another groom at wedding, Education Images, UIG, Getty Images

As the palatial ceremony began, a 30-year-old woman stormed into Ruskar’s wedding. Her name? Radhika Chouhan. Her problem? She’d been dating the groom for the past eight years. In fact, they lived together. With their two children.

According to the Times of India, Radhika slapped Parvez and refused to allow the wedding to continue.

"Parvez had told me that he is going to Gujarat,” she said. “But when I called him up on his number, it was [busy]. What surprised me was that the recorded message was in Hindi not in Gujarati. I then reached Parvez's home only to find that he is getting married.”

Obviously, the bride was heartbroken. And while the families were skeptical about Radhika’s claims, once she showed them photographic evidence of her relationship with the groom, the wedding was called off indefinitely.

But there was another contender.

Amid the drama, one of the wedding guests came forward to offer his son as a new groom for Ruksar. The new groom said:

"My parents asked me for the marriage and I couldn't deny."

Let’s hope he left that out of the vows.

At any rate, the bride and her new groom were married later that night.  Thankfully, that wedding went through without any interruptions.

Despite the drama, Ruksar kept a positive attitude about the situation:

“God had a better plan for me.”