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You may already be aware that men have best friends too. In fact, three out of four men have (or have had) a Brad Pitt to their George Clooney (Search:Learn more about their famous bromance).

But according to a new study by Badoo, it turns out that American guys tend to maintain their bromance until an average age of 44, as opposed to British guys, for whom close man-love tapers off at age 35. Of our men in the U.S.A., almost half of these bromantic guys are single (41 percent), and a disconcerting ton of them say that their Man Love has caused problems in past relationships (60 percent).

Also, 16 percent of wives and girlfriends admit some jealousy when it comes to their guy's bromance.

Are you jealous of his best friend? Does he get jealous of your best friend? If so... I don't know, that's lame? How do you work it out?