Stephanie and Neil Parr met in 2011, and they hit it off immediately. Within three months, they'd moved in together, and five months after that, Neil proposed. They were planning an April wedding.

But one night, Neil woke up to hear Stephanie making an unusual sound.

Bride overcomes tumor to marry(Photo: Caters News)

"He tried to wake me up but he couldn't," Stephanie told the Telegraph. "So he called an ambulance and I was taken to the Royal Derby Hospital. The doctors there said it looked like I'd suffered a seizure."

From there, Stephanie underwent a series of tests, and finally, she was ordered to undergo a brain scan.

"When I got there, they asked who was with me. I said 'Mum' and I suddenly knew something was up."

Stephanie found out she had a tennis ball-sized tumor in her brain.

"I saw the fact that I just found the person I really loved, I saw the fact that we were set to be married and have children and, in one second, I knew it was all gone, finished. I was devastated."

Doctors explained that the tumor had been in Stephanie's head for years. She was given two options: "watch and wait" or undergo a risky surgery to have the tumor removed. She chose the latter, even though the surgery was scheduled just weeks before her wedding. Forced to cancel her nuptials, Stephanie was in intensive care on the day of her would-be ceremony.

But after Stephanie spent some time recovering from the surgery, she and Neil rescheduled. They tied the knot over the weekend.

"I'm so happy we've been able to get married and be together," Stephanie said. "This wedding is even more special because of what has happened."

Although the removal was a success, Stephanie is still awaiting an update from her doctors:

"It's not like it's gone forever now. It can come back and it never quite leaves the back of my mind."

But that's not keeping her from enjoying her newlywed status. She and Neil are now honeymooning in Mexico.

"I've learned so much over the past year, not the least of which is that every second of this life is precious," she said.

Photo: Caters News