Well bah, humbug.

We can't imagine a harder time of year to handle a split, but there are peak seasons for breakups, and, unfortunately, the highest falls around the holidays.

Breakup season before Christmas(Photo: Ghislain & Marie David de Loss Getty Images)

Specifically, many couples split two weeks before Christmas. On the bright side, many new relationships are established around the holidays, too.

The folks at We Love Dates put together a handy infographic, focusing on "The Anatomy of a Digital Relationship." Based on data from Facebook, their graph shows that March and December are the most split-worthy months. Conversely, break-ups take a vacation in August and September.

A spokesperson for the site told MSN:

"We are all busier than ever during the month of December, and with a calendar full of family gatherings, work events and friend's parties, is it possible our relationships get put on the back burner with dire consequences?"

The site also surmises that the impending New Year prompts people to think about their goals:

"We decide what things we'd like to bring with us into the new year, and what things and people are better left in the past. It's the perfect time to establish a clean slate in regards to our love lives."

Handling a holiday breakup? Here are a few tips for coping with yuletide heartache:
-Surround yourself with friends and family: Reconnect with those you might have spent less time with while you were in a relationship. At holiday events, focus on the people who love and support you. It will help push you through this tough time.
-Start new holiday traditions: And keep the old ones. It's important to keep your traditions in tact, but come up with some new ones, too. Instead of dwelling on the past, you'll be making a fresh start.
-Volunteer: Nothing will take your mind off of your own troubles like helping others. Sort toys for a shelter, work at a soup kitchen -- not only will volunteering give you a sense of satisfaction, you'll be helping those who need it most.

Photo: Ghislain & Marie David de Lossy/Getty Images