(Newser) – The year before John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Jacqueline Kennedy was determined to divorce him, according to a bombshell new unauthorized biography that's making some pretty explosive claims, as per the Daily Mail.

JFK and Jackie. National Archive, Newsmakers, Getty Images // JFK and Jackie. National Archive, Newsmakers, Getty Images (JFK and Jackie. National Archive, Newsmakers, Getty Images)

Jackie had, supposedly, told her mother back in 1956, "I just can’t see myself spending the rest of my life with Jack Kennedy. It’s not going to happen." By 1962, Marilyn Monroe's sexy "Happy Birthday" performance for JFK embarrassed Jackie and was the final straw, according to "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: A Life Beyond Her Wildest Dreams," which claims Jackie's early diaries as one of its sources. The book also delves into her alleged affair with Bobby Kennedy, and, amusingly, notes that early in her relationship with JFK, she complained of his "funny body, skinny, with toothpick legs."

Jackie had also been determined to divorce earlier in their marriage, the book claims, after surprising her then-senator husband in his office only to find him in a sexual situation with a Senate Office Building temp, Peggy Ashe. But father-in-law Joe Kennedy met with her in New York, and he offered her (as has been previously reported) $1 million to stay married to his son; Jackie told him it would cost him $20 million if Jack "brings home any venereal disease from any of his sluts," the book claims.

Soon after, the couple had a heated fight over Jack's continuing infidelity, which the book says ended with Jack having Jackie committed so she could get electroshock therapy. She still wanted out after that, however, and even considered suicide, the book says. Author Darwin Porter, who co-authored the book with Danforth Prince, also revealed to us that Liz Taylor slept with Ronald Reagan and JFK, Vivien Leigh was bisexual and Humphrey Bogart thought he was gay.

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