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Sure, they showered you with pricey wedding gifts and sent nothing but well wishes before you tied the knot. But ever wonder what your unattached friends really think now that you said I Do? Read on for confessions from single (and super honest) Nesties:

Even close friends might be jealous of your happy relationship. “I once had a single friend tell me that she envied my marriage and thus we couldn’t be friends,” says chrisandsarahwedding.

If you’re married, you have to be more high-maintenance (sort of). “I think my married friends are jealous that I don’t have to shave my legs as often as they do,” says spalko.

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Throwing a big party is more appealing than actually tying the knot. “Sure, marriage sounds nice in theory -- but why can’t I just pick out a pretty white dress and throw a party with all of the commitment?” says rlg.
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Why you (or anyone else) would tie the knot isn’t always so clear. “I honestly wonder why they got married,” says GilliC. “Did they do it just because society expected them to? Were they afraid he might leave? Or maybe deep down they just really wanted the pretty-princess day.”

Marriage offers a solid support system. “I envy that my married friends have each other to rely on,” says Rainzzy. “I feel that being married (to the right person) makes life’s burdens easier.”

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It’s great to get married—just not too early. “Marriage in your 30s? Great idea! But in your 20s? Not so much,” says kvaughn.

There’s something to be said for a low-commitment lifestyle. “The only commitment I want right now is making sure I don’t miss 'Breaking Bad' every week,” says ryliem.