Thankfully, new research from the University of Wisconsin and Cornell University can help you sort fact from fiction.

First of all, understand that you're probably really bad at spotting dishonesty when it comes to online dating profiles. "People are terrible lie detectors. They focus on the wrong linguistic cues," says Catalina Toma, Ph.D., a communication science professor at Wisconsin.

Fortunately for you, researchers identified certain red flags in dating profiles that indicate your online hookup may be full of bull.

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1. She shies away from first-person pronouns -- words like "I" and "my." This indicates she is subconsciously trying to distance herself from her lies, Toma says. Example: "Summer evenings watching baseball are the best, and who doesn't love beer?" (You don't, liar.)

2. Her profile or personal description is unusually brief. "People write less because they don't want to tangle themselves in more lies," Toma explains. Good: "I'm a 23-year-old marine biology major at the University of Miami who won't stop surfing until I find the perfect wave." Bad: "I'm a party girl."

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3. She tends to talk about what she isn't like, or doesn't enjoy. This is another sign that she is subconsciously trying to put space between herself and her fib, Toma says. Example: She substitutes "I'm not opposed to a roll in the sack" for "I love sex."

4. Her sentences are short and don't include any elaboration. Lying is psychologically taxing, Toma says, and so people tend to keep things simple. Example: She says she likes live music, but doesn't mention any specific concerts or bands.

5. She avoids using words with negative connotations, such as "angry," "annoying," or "stupid." This is a conscious strategy people employ to portray themselves as being cheerful and positive, says Toma. "Everyone does this, but liars tend to overdo it in an attempt to mask the truth."

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