In order to help us navigate the world of these new methods of expression, online dating service Zoosk conducted a survey of more than 6,000 singles. The general result? Selfies are everything. For online dating profile pictures, 75 percent of women and 62 percent of men have used a selfie, whereas within their profile only 18 percent have used emojis. A whopping 84 percent of people would rather see a selfie as a profile pic than something more formal.

mihailomilovanovic, Getty Images

However, there are some things people don’t want to see where selfies are concerned. Behold, four important rules of using selfies based on the percentage of people surveyed who said you shouldn’t do it:

*No sexy/kissy face. (33 percent)

* No messy house in the background. (32 percent)

* No selfies in front of the bathroom mirror. (22 percent)

* No nudity or showing too much skin. (13 percent)

Got it? Go clean your room, put on some clothes, and strike a pose now. (Zoosk even has some selfie makeup tips, if you’d like)

And just for fun, the most beloved and disdained emojis? Women like the blushy face, men like the kissy face (cuter on a cartoon face than a selfie, I guess?), and nobody likes the cat with the heart eyes, which really doesn’t explain why I feel like the only person in the world who isn’t obsessed with cat videos and cats generally.

What are your thoughts on selfies as online dating profile pictures? Yea or nay?