things married people complain about (Photo: Shutterstock The Nest)

Face it: No matter how much you and your partner love each other, you also get on each other’s nerves from time to time. We polled couples on what irritates them most about their significant other. Check out what they had to say -- we’re betting you can relate to at least one of these!

The Wives:

“He still leaves the toilet seat up, and it burns me up every time I go into the bathroom.” -- virgo&sag

“He will not look behind anything in the fridge. He just claims whatever item he wants isn't there.”
-- Kimbus22

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“He leaves mail all over the counter, instead of putting it in the mail sorter three feet away.”
-- Mama2TwoBoys

“He still puts dirty utensils and dishes in the sink instead of in the empty or dirty dishwasher.” -- srgw

“He constantly complains about where I keep things but refuses to put them somewhere else.” -- Kimbus22

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“He leaves soaking-wet towels on the floor, the bed and the couch. Meaning there’s a cold, wet spot there for hours afterward. UGH!” -- littlemisswitness

“Bless his heart -- he thinks I’m the ‘Keeper of All Things.’ ‘Have you seen my (fill in the blank)?’ ‘Do you know what I did with (fill in the blank)?’ ‘Where do we keep the (fill in the blank)?’ All the time.” -- lest12

“He throws clothes next to the laundry hamper but not in it! Why?” -- Gina P.

“He puts the garbage on the kitchen counter right next to the dang garbage can.” -- Kimbus22

The Husbands:

“She kicks me out of the bed when I snore!” -- Chris S.

“She leaves every door and/or drawer she touches either open or ajar. I am constantly banging into them. It's insane!” -- Nic L.

“It takes her a few weeks to unpack from a business trip.” -- David L.

“She paces behind me while I’m working.” -- Joe K.

“She gets too easily discouraged.” -- Christopher O.

“Her lack of communication skills.” -- Stephen TM.

“She doesn't hang the towel back up where it belongs after she showers.” -- Ethan G.

“She worries too much.” -- Brent D.

“She takes too long in the shower.” -- Widny P.