Whether you're single, dating, or hitched, it's normal to be curious about everyone else's love lives. Are you having enough sex? Is your communication off? Are you being too picky? Luckily, Match.com released the latest findings from the third annual Singles In America study, and the results are fascinating! They surveyed over 5,000 singles and 1,000 married people on everything from orgasms to dating deal breakers. Check it out to see how your love life stacks up:

10 new surprising facts about love and sex (Photo: Getty Images)

Women snoop...A lot

If you already know your date's education and work history before you get to the restaurant, you're not alone. 48 percent of single women look someone up on Facebook before a first date. Hey, you have to make sure you're not getting Catfish--ed, right?

Sex doesn't end after marriage

Worried about your sex life plummeting after you tie the knot? Don't worry, 41 percent of married couples had sex at least once a week last year. And better yet: Married women think about sex even more often than single women.

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Money troubles ruin your mojo

A bad credit score can screw up more than just your financial future--it can mess with your love life. 65 percent of singles wouldn't date someone who was over $5,000 in debt. Hopefully, that's not something you'd reveal on a first date, anyway.

Singles are better communicators

Communication is clutch for good sex, but singles may have the upper hand on this one. Married men and women are less likely to bring up intimacy concerns than their single counterparts.

Most people want to get married

Even though singlehood seems to be getting longer and longer, most people still believe in getting hitched someday. In fact, 9 out of 10 singles are optimistic about marriage. Consider the myth of bitter singles officially debunked!

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Hookups are hot right now

Having a no--strings--attached hookup isn't so scandalous anymore: 47% of singles have been involved in a friends--with--benefits relationship. And only 37 percent of single women wait until they're in an exclusive relationship before sleeping with a new partner.

Your FWB may be BF material

Just because casual sex is on the rise, that doesn't mean serious bonds are going extinct. 44 percent of singles have had a friends--with--benefits fling turn into a long--term relationship. When he fits the bill and you have great chemistry, go for it.

Orgasms aren't everything

Even though single women climax less often than single men, they may be enjoying it more. 49 percent of single women say they're satisfied with their sex lives, compared to just 44 percent of single men.

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He actually wants to meet the parents

Taking a new guy to meet your mom and dad isn't necessarily a deal breaker. 48 percent of men want to meet a woman's parents before they become exclusive. He might just want to make sure you don't have a shotgun--wielding, overprotective dad, but it still sounds sweet.

Your sexts are never really safe

Think you can send off a risque photo to your guy that's for his eyes only? Unfortunately, 23 percent of singles who received a sext have shared it with others. So maybe rethink that naughty photo shoot until you're totally exclusive.