fact or fiction? myths and surprising truths

  • A frustrated couple in bed

    8 myths about men

    Do you think you know everything there is to know about the opposite sex? Well, ESSENCE's own Modern Day Matchmaker sets the record straight on popular myths about men. Listen up, ladies!

  • High-waisted pants and shirts

    10 tricks to looking taller

    Dressing to look taller isn’t a simple one-two punch of Aquanet-ing a 3-inch Snooki-pouf and stepping into 6-inch stilettos. Instead, lengthening a petite body type involves an entire conference of teams: necklines, hems, color palettes, print types, shoe shapes. They all affect how long and lean you look—even before you take heel height into account. (Good to know, because we can’t all be Victoria Beckham and wear architectural Louboutins to the dentist, now can we?) Below, our favorite other ways (i.e., more reasonable ones) for smaller girls to step into the tall person’s game:

  • It's divorce season, so learn from these mistakes

    How NOT to break up: Divorce lawyers tell all

    Splits spike in January and peak in March, a FindLaw analysis notes. So divorce lawyers are busy! Learn from their clients' mistakes.

  • Weird celeb beauty tricks

    The 11 weirdest celebrity beauty secrets

    Some stars prettify themselves in very odd ways. Experts weigh in on which celebrity beauty tricks to try—and which to skip.

  • Lies new moms tell people  (Courtesy of Parenting.com)

    New mom secrets and lies

    Why moms fib or exaggerate to their friends, family, pediatrician, and strangers, and why it's sometimes healthy.

  • "Registry Myths Busted" // Various dishes(Photo: Anita Calero, courtesy of The Knot)

    Wedding registry myths, busted

    Must you always register for 12 place settings? Is registering for mountain bikes totally taboo? Here, 11 registry myths are debunked. Get the new rules on registering for wedding gifts.

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