Your Life Simplified

your life simplified

  • Friend illustration

    5 friends you need to keep around

    When it comes to friendships, it's all about quality, not quantity.

  • Cetaphil

    GQ’s guide to grooming your face

    It’s the most important part of your body, and it requires routine maintenance—and yes, a few products. Here we present the tools and tips that will get you a clean, blemishless, age-defying mug day after day (even after a long night of drinking).

  • Never skimp on SPF

    10 beauty tricks to simplify your life

    Interviewed by Kimberly A. Daly Makeup artist and world traveler Sue Devitt knows that the secret to looking great has nothing to do with the number of products in your bathroom. These are her favorite tips:

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas dvd

    Family activities: cheap, fast, fun

    Having fun made easy!

  • Children learn to take responsibility fro their actions when they pick their rewards and punishments

    8 parenting obligations to ditch guilt-free

    Skipping family dinner and talking about money in front of your kids are nothing to feel guilty about, says Bruce Feiler, author of The Secrets of Happy Families. Let's move on from these supposed mommy-musts.

  • Make an Appointment

    Are you too busy for friendship?

    Eventually, life gets complicated. And although intuition, experience and scientific research all tell us that close personal relationships are a vital key to happiness, good health and a satisfying life, our friends often take a back seat to work, family and other priorities. If you’re at a point in your life where you want to spend more time with your friends, these 10 tips can help.

  • A woman reading in bed

    Only 10 minutes to spare?

    Here’s what to do that’s not for anyone else but you.

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