A Year of Happiness

enjoy life and be inspired

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    The happiness project: counting what counts

    To boost your joy, sometimes you have to keep score.

  • "The Art of Living Fearlessly" // Skydivers forming a circle at sunset(Photo: Courtesy of Essence)

    The art of living fearlessly

    Women all over the country are longing to live such big, bold and bliss-filled lives.

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    Go from stressed to blessed

    We can transform whatever we wish to change in our lives, but it begins with transforming our mind-set.

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    Getting to joy

    Now that you've laughed and let go of 2012's head-thumping happenings, here's how to make the coming year your sweetest yet.

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    5 ways to overcome your fears

    Want to expand your horizons, be a braver person and enjoy life to the fullest? The secret isn't fearlessness but admitting what scares you. Then use that knowledge to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. Go on. Take a leap. When you're in a panic, pick one of these tricks to tamp it down.

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    The trait that makes you happier

    Science has found the key to happiness--and it's not a big, fat paycheck. Instead, making a good, respectable name for yourself leads to the most satisfaction, according to a new study in Psychological Science.

  • 20 ways to put yourself first now

    You do so much for so many. To ensure you get a little love, too, here are 20 ways to make yourself a priority during the holidays. The only condition? You must pick one thing to do today. And another tomorrow...

  • Woman blowing on a dandelion

    Be Happy: How to make your own luck

    More and more psychologists are finding out that it isn't the hand you're dealt that's important in life but how you play your cards. To put it another way: We're all capable of making our own luck.

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