Andrew Eccles

Jada Pinkett Smith — "Everything falls into place"

On a fiercely bright Los Angeles morning, Jada Pinkett Smith arrives for a photo shoot obviously exhausted; she'd worked until 2 A.M. shooting her new TNT series HawthorRNe. Wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, and a naked face, she's gorgeous and so radiant, despite being dog-tired, that she's a big presence. (But physically teensy: "I have to eat more than I'm comfortable with just to stay visible!" she says, laughing).

Pinkett Smith excuses herself and disappears into a hair-and-makeup room. Less than half an hour later, she emerges, lit with energy. "I didn't want my sleep deprivation to jump on anybody else," she says. "So I took a moment to close my eyes, touch the center, rest, and be still. And I got rejuvenated! When I'm tired, or there's chaos around me, I go to the center. Sometimes I do a little hum. It's a comfort, like being in the rocking chair of the soul. It keeps me sane and connected."