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Samsung slammed for portraying man as unevolved in new ad

Controversial clip has garnered nearly 10 million views on YouTube.

By Joy Jernigan - MSN Living Editor May 23, 2013 6:36PM

Television maker Samsung is taking heat over a new commercial portraying men as dirty, unkempt, flatulent couch potatoes.

Photo: 'Evolutionary Husband?' ad (SamsungTelevisions via YouTube, http://youtu.be/u9HMhSvnbmk)

In the new ad for Samsung Smart TV’s Evolution Kit called “Evolutionary Husband?,” posted May 14 on YouTube, a woman daydreams about plugging the Evolution Kit into her man, who then becomes an “evolved” multitasking marvel — caring for the baby while simultaneously making breakfast, painting, decorating a cake and watering a plant.

Her daydream is brought to an abrupt close by a loud emission of flatulence from said husband — who remains the same sloppy, zombie-like caveman who appears to have not left the couch in several days.

“Samsung TV is an Evolutionary TV,” says the message on the ad.

The commercial has drawn more than 1,500 comments on Samsung’s YouTube site, mostly critical.

“I can't see myself buying another Samsung unless they offer a formal apology,” one user commented.

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“Samsung is another company using the hatred of males theme to sell its products,” wrote another. “Guys, do not buy anything at all from Samsung.”

The commercial has also garnered more than 50 comments on a reddit forum on men’s rights, where one reader posted:

“That's probably one of the most vile adverts I've ever seen. This isn't the normal IV drip of laughing at men; this is simply mainlining outright contempt.”

Samsung declined to comment.

Marc Sherman, a Chicago-based copywriter and creative director, told MSN that he found the ad “buffoonish” and “mean-spirited.”

“Something about the comedy, it didn’t come with heart,” he said.  “And it never established that heart.”

Despite the criticism, the commercial so far has earned more than 1,800 likes on Samsung’s YouTube page, compared to more than 1,300 thumbs down, and has been viewed nearly 10 million times.

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“Don't really see what the commotion is about with this commercial,” wrote one user. “This guy just happens to be a dud. The woman in the commercial hooked up with the dud. Maybe Samsung is targeting women who mistakenly choose duds and need to fix them.”

While not all comments are negative, some did point out an apparent double standard.

“I'm not offended, but you must recognize that had the man in the couch been a minority or a woman, socialmedia/news would be EXPLODING with claims of racism/misogyny/bigotry etc,” wrote one on Samsung’s YouTube page.

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However, as Adweek’s David Gianatasio told Fox News, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

“The clip is nearing 10 million YouTube views in just a week, and generating gobs of attention for the product, so I'd hardly call it a total stinker,” he said.

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Photo: 'Evolutionary Husband?' ad (SamsungTelevisions via YouTube, http://youtu.be/u9HMhSvnbmk)

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Jun 8, 2013 5:52PM
Problem here is not this one ad, but the onslaught of ad's aimed at making men look weak, stupid, dumb, dependant and idiotic. The true test of an ad that is not offensive is to ask your self just one simple question. If the this was an ad about a women would you feel the same? If yes, than I have nothing else to say. Although, I can almost guarantee that some women's group would make an issue - and than the add would be gone. Simply due to the fact that the company or people involved do not want to be labelled as being against women rights or labelled prejudice against women. No right is correct if it takes a right from another!
Jun 2, 2013 4:34AM

Is it just by coincidence that he looks like Nicholas Cage?

May 31, 2013 12:54AM
Big deal, It is a commercial....and funny too. When did men turn into such babies. If I can tolerate a writhing half naked girl on a car eating a Carl Jr burger you can laugh at a sloppy dude on the couch. 
May 31, 2013 12:04AM
I'm not offended, I just laughed it off. Man up, guys. This apology pouty thing is so unmanly. Back to the point of the ad, I "think" Samsung realizes that when men want to buy a new big screen TV, their wives are worried that they'd turn into a couch potato. This ad is probably trying to alleviate that concern in the wives by going overboard...thus getting the pass on the purchase. Am I off base here?
May 30, 2013 11:19PM
God people just whine about anything now, when did it become cool to be the overly sensitive bitchy person.
May 30, 2013 10:36PM
Seriously? People really need to lighten up and quit bitching about every little thing. Its a commercial for heaven's sake no a documentary!
May 30, 2013 9:52PM
good thing God is who it is and not me!
May 30, 2013 5:16PM
The last Samsung product I bought 6 years ago, will remain the last Samsung product ever buy.  Too many other companies portray men in a positive light; I do not need this degrading **** from Samsung !!!!
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