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After 33 years of serving local communities, Loaves & Fishes is forced to find a new home.

By Charyn Pfeuffer

Heading into the holiday season, nearly 50 million Americans are struggling to survive. New figures released last week by the Census Bureau indicate that poverty numbers have increased from 49 million in 2010 to 49.7 million last year.

For more than three decades, Loaves & Fishes has been feeding these underserved populations in downtown San Jose, Calif. According to the soup kitchen’s website, what started out as a simple meal for 11 adults and 15 children, has grown to more than 1,000 no-cost, hot meals served daily.  

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So you can imagine the organization’s surprise when their landlord, newly merged nonprofits, InnVision and Shelter Network, gave them marching orders within weeks of their two biggest annual events – Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

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Want to save time and money? Shop like a man.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 20, 2012 7:52PM

The differences between male and female shopping behaviors is well storied. Women tend to find some enjoyment in browsing the stores in a mall, considering new merchandise and finding good deals. Men find more enjoyment napping in the car.

Photo: Tay Rees/Getty ImagesThis Black Friday, female shoppers may return home with more money in their pockets and less junk in the car’s trunk by following one bit of unlikely advice: Shop like a man.


Think yours is secure? So did the director of the CIA.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 19, 2012 7:03PM

By now it’s obvious to anyone paying attention that David Petraeus was as unwilling or unable to secure his email as he was to secure his belt buckle. If the director of one of the world’s greatest intelligence agencies could not manage to protect his digital communications, what hope do the rest of us have?

If your email privacy has never been invaded, there’s really only one explanation: No one has wanted to yet.

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Of the many confusing factors in the Petraeus scandal, one nagging head-scratcher is how the top spy in the United States could get busted via email. Don’t these guys use invisible ink or embed chips under their skin anymore? You can get a secret decoder ring in a box of Cap’n Crunch that offers more security than Petraeus and his paramour employed.

Their first Photo: Indigo/Getty Imagesmistake, aside from their personal indiscretions, was using a Web-based email account. Petraeus and biographer Paula Broadwell thought they were being pretty clever by not exchanging emails between them; instead, they opened a Gmail account and saved messages to each other in a drafts folder, a tactic that had been used previously by terrorists.


An underwater feat to leave you breathless

By Rich_Maloof Nov 16, 2012 5:47PM

In the normal course of breathing for 22 minutes, provided you’re not exerting yourself, you involuntarily take about 450 breaths.

Stig Severinsen took one.

File photo of freediver Stig Severinsen (Morten Bjoern Larsen/POLFOTO/AP)The 39-year-old Danish free diver set a Guinness World Record earlier this year by remaining face-down in a pool for 22 minutes straight, breaking his own record of 20 minutes and 10 seconds in the process.


Exploring the dark side of happiness

By Rich_Maloof Nov 15, 2012 3:44PM

“For a civilization so fixated on achieving happiness,” writes Oliver Burkeman, “we seem remarkably incompetent at the task.”

Why is that, and how can we gain some competence? Burkeman, author of the just-released book The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking, champions a modern psychological perspective that says too much positivity is a problem, not a solution.

Photo: Purestock/Getty Images


M.I.T. develops a way to foresee social trends — with 95 percent accuracy.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 14, 2012 4:20PM

Predicting trends is big business today. To a lesser extent, it always has been: Anticipating what the masses will want next or do next translates to big bucks on the stock market, enables retailers to stockpile coveted merchandise and gives news sources an edge on the competition. Without a crystal ball, though, every industry risks a loss when betting on the future.

A pair of brainiacs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has come up with a crystal ball.

Photo: FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images


Bad feelings in the feel-good industry

By Rich_Maloof Nov 13, 2012 9:13PM

Beyond the marijuana law in Colorado, Americans didn’t take much notice after Election Day of new regulations affecting districts other than their own. Except for one. In Los Angeles, actors in adult movies will now be required to wear condoms.

Photo: Condom/Lifesize /Getty Images “It’s not about safety,” porn star James Deen told AnimalNewYork.com. “This is about freedom of expression. This is interrupting the people’s choices of what they want to view.”


Global warming may cause satellites to fall back to Earth.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 12, 2012 5:15PM

Don’t look now, but there are tons of junk floating over your head.

In the past half-century we’ve launched thousands of artificial satellites into space, and they remain up there, circling our planet, whether they’re operational or not. NASA’s Orbital Debris Program estimates there are more than 6,000 tons of space junk in lower Earth orbit.

Photo: Pete Turner/Getty ImagesIgnoring for a moment that we’ve actually managed to pollute space (space!), the orbiting junkyard would seem to be a threat only to other satellites and spacecraft — that is, as long as it stays up there in orbit.

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But scientists are now concerned that global warming may cause more collisions between “dead” satellites and space debris, in turn increasing the risk of space junk crashing down to earth.

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