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Amid controversy, Gun Appreciation Day set for Jan. 19

A conservative coalition rallies support as clouds gather.

By Rich_Maloof Jan 10, 2013 6:42PM
“Americans love their guns and their Second Amendment right to bear arms. On Jan. 19, 2013, gun owners and tea party activists across the country will demonstrate their passions…Chick-fil-A style!”

So reads the flyer from a conservative coalition calling for the first national Gun Appreciation Day. Activists are urged to demonstrate their support for gun ownership next Saturday by “turning out en masse at gun stores, ranges, and shows from coast to coast.”

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In the online banner for GAD, a handgun stands in for the “r” in Appreciation, just like the logo for the mafioso series The Sopranos (Bing: See the logo).

Early commenters on the GAD site have said that the demonstrations would be better held at state capitals and in D.C. than in gun shops and ranges, where pro-gun advocates would be preaching to the choir. But the coalition is hoping to induce the same kind of turnout and media coverage as there was for Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

The protest is timed to coincide with Obama’s inauguration the following day, which is understandable, politically, but still unsettling. Gun Appreciation Day is also scheduled within 48 hours of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

But the coalition, sponsored by more than 50 organizations (including the Committee to Draft Judge Andrew Napolitano, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, and Women Warriors PAC), is pressed to gather support while forces are rallying against their causes.

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In a second day of meetings to prevent gun violence, Vice President Joe Biden meets today with the NRA and other groups. Biden told reporters, “I want to make it clear that we are not going to get caught up in the notion that unless we can do everything, we are going to do nothing.”

In a speech yesterday exclaiming that his state should lead the nation in curbing gun violence, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo roared that we must “End the madness now!”

To provide added backdrop that conservatives don’t need right now, a judge is deciding whether James Holmes is fit to stand trial for the shootings in Aurora, Colo. The best news gun advocates have had lately is that an Atlanta mom shot an intruder five times in the face.

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Photo: Rich Legg/Getty Images

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Jan 10, 2013 8:48PM

To carry a gun in public on must have the mentality to use it. Most gun owners would agree with this statement. One could also state that with that mentality someone is going to get a bullet.

I would not like to be in the cross fire of four or five jumpy scared teachers, or even one with a handgun. I can see owning a handgun for home protection and would not advocate taking them away. Fact of the matter is people don't store them properly or have ever even attended a gun safety class.FFL registration law are way to lose if you don't have to fill one out at a gun show. There should be penalties if you gun is used in a crime or you did not properly document a sale. I can see owning a hunting rifle and would raise holy hell if someone said they were going to take it away. But to state that an AR or an AK is a hunting rifle is a stretch. A big one. If you need thirty rounds to bag your deer, maybe some more time at the range should be in your future. I love my guns. I also love my kids. I would gladly keep my 338 and give up my AR if I knew my kid was safe at school or the movies. Thing need to change. Lets all try to change things for the better..

Jan 10, 2013 8:46PM
How do the radical muslims handle business when they want a large group killed? They dont use guns. It is much easier to use high explosives. Guns are not the only way to kill. Get rid of them and watch our home-grown terrorists will find another means.
Jan 10, 2013 8:46PM

The second amendment was written into the constitution to allow for the formation of an army to fight the british, as the states feared a strong central government due to the fact most states had different laws and feared a strong centralized government, the addition of to bear arms was added as a compromise so the states could form there own units to send to war and maintain them in the event the central government tried to oppress the states, and overthrow the government if it became too powerful.  Also at the time the most feared weapon was a muzzle loading cannon that shot a solid projectile and required a crew of 3 to fire it.  Now that all recruiting is federal and the government controls weapons of mass horror deemed unfit for civilian hands.  The central government will never be challenged because of the power they hold, making this amendment more symbolic than anything. 

Jan 10, 2013 8:45PM
The school shooting that took place this morning was done by a kid with a shotgun who just walked in the school with the gun..with nothing there to stop him !!...This is exactly what the NRA was talking about... No gun bans would have stopped this but armed security would have ...The liberals better take notice and forget their liberal ideology of gun bans and start securing our schools.
Jan 10, 2013 8:45PM

It's amazing that the GUNS that protect our POLITICIANS are not good to have to protect ourselves. What a bunch of BS this GOVERNMENT is trying to shove down our throats. I'm a PROUD MEMBER of the NRA and a PROUD VETERAN of this country, and will not stand by and let this country be destroyed.

I'm glad that there are still people with the courage to stand up for what is right.

Jan 10, 2013 8:44PM
Who needs guns?  I put a sign in my yard saying I own multiple weapons.  I figure that would scare anyone away.  I've never been robbed, so it must be working.
Jan 10, 2013 8:43PM
2nd Amendment RIGHT - 'nuff said. 
Jan 10, 2013 8:42PM

When machine guns were unrestricted, there was no record of mass shootings in schools with a machine gun.  You can still buy a machine gun and there are thousands out there.  None have been used in mass school shootings. It’s not the gun, ammophobes.  Evil and Ill people are the problem. 

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