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Saluting the Rainbow Flag

Gay acceptance in America is trending up

By Rich_Maloof Jun 7, 2012 5:04PM

Photo: Lisa Stokes/Flickr/Getty ImagesWhen President Obama said in a speech last night that the U.S. has seen a "constant progression toward including more and more people in the American dream," his opponents were quick to charge him with pandering to the evening's audience. His campaign stop at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel ballroom was, after all, sponsored by deep-pocketed gay and lesbian donors. 

But the results of a CNN poll released just yesterday bear him out: American acceptance of gay lifestyle is on the rise.

Of course, not everyone thinks the country's LGBT contingent is hands-down fabulous. But attitudes are clearly becoming more inclusive. For the first time ever, the poll suggests, a majority of Americans say they have a close friend or family member who is gay. Just 49% said so, or admitted it, two years ago; but in yesterday's poll, 60% replied in the affirmative. The survey also indicated a growing acceptance of same-sex marriage. 

Have a look at the complete poll results, which break down results by race, education level, political affiliation, and other factors. To an extent, we're divided along predictable lines: 70% of Dems say same-sex marriages should be recognized by the law as valid, while 72% of Republicans surveyed were opposed. There's an age divide as well, with nearly two thirds under age 50 favoring legal same-sex marriage and almost as many over age 50 opposed. It's striking how gay issues are so polarizing even as acceptance broadens. But don't prejudge your conservative elderly neighbor with the framed picture of Reagan on his mantel. Then you'd be the one guilty of bias. There's still room in those stats for him to be enjoying Will & Grace re-runs behind the shades.

The poll doesn't say why, who, how, or what has changed American attitudes. Could we be getting smarter? Well, let's not jump the gun. But there has been a slow and steady cultural push against ignorance in recent years. Minds aren't easily changed by loud opposition and foot-stomping marches, though soap-box advocates play an important part in swinging the pendulum from right to left. Attitudes settle more comfortably in the middle when great role models -- not good models of gay life, necessarily, but gay people who model a good life -- emerge in America's boardrooms, in houses of worship, on our TV screens, and in our neighborhoods. 

America may not yet have made a wholesale change in attitude toward the gay community. But we're evolving.

Photo: Lisa Stokes/Flickr/Getty Images

Jun 13, 2012 7:22PM

we are  evolving. !!.. ?  I am still waiting for obama's Great CHANGE. remember you brain dead sacks o monkey excrement how he kept saying " ITS time for a change america"

I guess he only meant the skin color of the president.


Jun 9, 2012 3:57PM



You're just another simple-minded chest-puffing homophobe..

If you ran your bigoted mouth in person and within my hearing range you would'nt like the results.

Jun 9, 2012 9:52AM


If lifestyle/sexuality is a choice then when did you choose to become hetero?

Was it before or after yoiu became a bigot?


Relational one? Its quite obvious you possess a low IQ and/or lack of a proper education.

Jun 9, 2012 9:33AM
Just understand you will NEVER get others to accept your perversion as normal. Because it ISNT. That said, bed whoever you like male or female is your choice. But if you are ready to find true happiness, realize that your "lifestyle choice" is NOT a sexual one but a relational one. Giving in to ones lusts and fantasies ONLY imitates happiness, and for a very short time at best. Good Luck
Jun 9, 2012 8:21AM

Ickmiblis the homophobe,

Apparently you've never had your low brow knuckledragging **** kicked by one.

Try explaining that to your buddies.

Jun 9, 2012 12:57AM
What's up with all the queers on here with their hate speech? I thought you people were supposed to be sooo tolerant. As soon as you don't get what you want or don't hear want you want to hear, right away you want to scream and kick, then try to scratch someone's eye's out. You're acting like little girls, oh wait, I forgot , that's what you're trying to be! My bad.HaHa.
Jun 8, 2012 5:42PM
Sorry, MSN... as you try to shove all the pro-homosexual journalism down our throats each and every day, I hope that it actually backfires.  As another poster said: whatever happened to our sex lives being discreet, not something that we parade around (literally) and shout from the rooftops?  I don't need to know, nor do I care about the sexual preferences of the people in my life and they do not need to beat me over the head with it demanding that I not only accept it, that I also applaud it.  Keep it behind closed doors, where something of such a private and personal nature belongs.

Many, many Americans and probably other nations as well recognize homosexuality for what it is: NOT NORMAL, NOT "GOOD", NOT HEALTHY, and DETRIMENTAL to the family institution that God Himself ordained.  In fact, it it weren't for modern science, two people of the same sex could NEVER have a baby - gee, you think there might be a reason why God made it that way???

I do not condone hateful, name-calling bigotry toward gays or anyone else.  I don't condone condemnation or persecution toward them.  Just because I do not accept your lifestyle doesn't mean I can't love you, respect your personhood or be your friend or family member (and yes, I not only have gay friends, I also have a couple gay family members whom I love very much).  PLEASE STOP TRYING TO GET ME TO "EMBRACE" something God has clearly stated is WRONG, and even someone who is not religious knows deep down two men or two women having sexual relations isn't "natural" or right.

I will NEVER "Salute The Rainbow Flag"!!!!!!!!!!  I will treat you with dignity and respect, and I will love you as a brother or sister, but I will NOT call your partner your "husband" or your "wife"......I don't care what laws man makes, you cannot change marriage as a divinely-ordered institution established by God for ONE MAN, and ONE WOMAN to enjoy each other sexually and to produce and raise children.


America should have a specific holiday: GAY SUICIDE DAY, where live straight people across the nation would promise to say: "Boy, he sure did feel strongly about that gay thing" after each one expires, which should cover all remaining emotions about the loss of our GLAAD community.LOL!
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