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10 trends to watch in 2013

A marketing giant forecasts the near future.

By Rich_Maloof Dec 11, 2012 6:12PM

Everybody and their mother has a Top 10 list for the past year. But looking in the rearview mirror is too easy for the  researchers at advertising giant JWT, who’ve decided to do a Top 10 list of what’s going to be big next year. Their “10 Trends For 2013” forecasts how recent technology — and human response to it — will affect all of us in the coming year.Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty ImagesGranted, naming trends doesn’t exactly take a crystal ball, but JWT’s take has more analysis behind it than your local street corner psychic. And the info is free, so put your $20 bucks and your tarot cards away.

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Here are the trends in reverse order, stripped down to their futuristic essence.

10. Health & Happiness: Hand In Hand

Happy people are healthier, healthy people are happier (kind of obvious there, JWT).

9. Going Private In Public

More people are going to want to keep their nightlife escapades off the Internet. In short, what happens off Facebook stays off Facebook.

8. Peer Power

Skip the middle man and do business with people just like you.

7. Everything Is Retail

Maybe “everywhere” is a better term. You’ll buy on the sidewalk, subway, storefront, and sitting room.

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6. Sensory Explosion

Marketers are going to go after every sense you’ve got. That includes smell, touch, and taste. Be ready.

5. The Mobile Fingerprint
Your entire life on your cell phone. Yeah, everything—so don’t lose it.

4. Predictive Personalization

Data analysis will anticipate what you want . . . maybe even before you know it yourself.

3. Intelligent Objects

Consumers will expect and get more devices that interact with us at a near-human level. We’re getting closer and closer to the HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey (spoiler alert — that didn’t end well).

2. The Super-Stress Era

Employers will realize that stressed-out employees are suffering from a debilitating condition.

1. Play As A Competitive Advantage

Adults will once again realize what they knew right up to middle school: playing is good for you, and it helps your creativity.

Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty Images

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