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What porn stars say about the new condom law

Bad feelings in the feel-good industry

By Rich_Maloof Nov 13, 2012 9:13PM

Beyond the marijuana law in Colorado, Americans didn’t take much notice after Election Day of new regulations affecting districts other than their own. Except for one. In Los Angeles, actors in adult movies will now be required to wear condoms.

Photo: Condom/Lifesize /Getty Images “It’s not about safety,” porn star James Deen told AnimalNewYork.com. “This is about freedom of expression. This is interrupting the people’s choices of what they want to view.”

That’s the essence of the adult entertainment industry’s beef with Measure B, the new mandatory condom law covering flicks shot in L.A. County. Actors, directors, producers and distributors in the $7 billion industry maintain that consumers simply will not want to buy movies in which their actors wear condoms.

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“The last time we attempted to go all condom, our industry lost sales by over 30 percent,” said Deen, who has starred in thousands of hardcore scenes and been outspoken on the issue (did you think he was shy?). “That’s a huge hit to our economy.”

Measure B, also known as The Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, was ostensibly passed to help prevent the spread of HIV among actors, and was championed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). A scandal in which one actor falsified HIV-test results, resulting in HIV exposure to several women who worked with him, fueled the fire.

But opponents in the industry say they already practice the strictest safety standards around to protect their people against sexually transmitted diseases. The industry requires actors to be tested every 28 days, and many seek more frequent tests of their own accord.

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Actor/director Kimberly Kane, who says she herself was subject to a fourth-generation HIV exposure from actor Darren James, voiced her opposition to Measure B in an editorial for Vice.com.

Says Kane, “Testing has kept us safe and while some performers might not mind the idea of condoms in some circumstances, no one would feel safer with condoms instead of testing! There has been a lot of speculation within the industry as to what the AHF's motivations are. Headlines? Fundraising? Grant money?”

Here’s a little insight, KK. Not long after L.A. County, the unofficial Porn Capital of the world, passed their regulation, the nearby town of Simi Valley demanded the same of adult entertainers. When the ordinance was first proposed, Simi Valley Mayor Bob Huber said it was motivated primarily by health and safety issue.

"And secondarily," Huber added, "we don't want them here."

Photo: Condom/Lifesize /Getty Images

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Nov 14, 2012 4:48PM
@backountry--so what you're saying is, if a city demands that construction workers wear hardhats on the job, that the city is trying to run the construction industry out? If a city requires restauant workers wash their hands after using the toilet, that city is trying to run out restaurants? The simple fact is porn actors and actresses are working a job, and sometimes safety rules are needed to protect them on the job. Since it was apparent the 'lab test every month' rule could be easily be manipulated, stricter safety rules were needed. Why is it so unreasonable to require wearing a condom? Or are you saying you expect to have sex with whoever, but take offense at having to wear a condom?
Nov 14, 2012 4:47PM

Condom use in porn is an important step in increasing condom use throughout the country!!  The people watching these movies will be more likely to use condoms when they see that the porn stars they idolize are using them.  It would be even more effective if the porn industry decides to stress the importance of safe sex in the movies.  I for one am not going to stop watching porn because the guys are wearing condoms.

Nov 14, 2012 4:47PM

If they can regulate 2 consenting adults in a movie. When will they start to regulate everyone else.


How about regulating the 73% of black women having children out of wedlock.  That costs all of us


James Deen? Didn't the Eagles sing a song about that guy?

Nov 14, 2012 4:41PM
Come on over to Buffalo.  Being surrounded by beautiful, horny women sounds pretty good to me.
Nov 13, 2012 9:39PM
What it boils down to is an attempt to rid the city of this industry. If the people of LA don't want to be the porn capital of the world that is fine, who can blame them after all. But to go about it like this is hardly any less disgusting than the industry they are trying to push out. Just another example of a regulation pushed for by special interest groups using "safety" as a convenient excuse.
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