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Washingtonians curse the least; Ohio residents most

Recent data reveal that Washington is the least foul-mouthed state, followed by Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor May 15, 2013 6:55PM

Sorry Ohioans, looks like you have some work to do when it comes to cursing and courtesy.

According to data released today by The Marchex Institute, a mobile and online advertising company, people in Ohio curse the most in the country and placed in the Top 5 “Least Courteous” category.  Washingtonians are least likely to have potty mouth, but come up short on courtesy, reports KING5.com.

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The institute scanned phone calls for curse words from A to F to S. Analysts then linked the frequency of those words with all 50 states.

The data also found that:

  • 66 percent of curses come from men.
  • The calls that contain the most cursing are more than 10 minutes long. So the longer someone is on the phone, the more likely that call is to devolve.
  • Calls in the morning are twice as likely to produce cursing as calls in the afternoon or evening.

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These findings coincide with National Etiquette Week, a seven-day "gentle reminder," to be civil, courteous and say “please” and “thank you” to one another.

Read all of The Marchex Institute’s findings here. Oh, and thanks for reading.

Tell us: How did your state stack up for swearing?

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Photo: Seattle skyline / TriggerPhoto/Getty Images



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