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4 'Sesame Street' controversies

It’s a rough neighborhood. Just ask Kevin Clash.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 29, 2012 3:33PM

The Children’s Television Workshop first aired Sesame Street 43 years ago, on Nov. 10, 1969, as a family-friendly byproduct of America’s cultural revolution. Within months, a state commission in Mississippi voted to ban the show, set on an urban street, for its “highly integrated cast of children.”

In the decades since, persistent messages of peace and tolerance have stoked only some of the controversies surrounding Sesame Street’s Muppets and their human friends.

As the allegations of improper conduct continue to surface against Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash we thought we'd review some other memorable Sesame Street controversies.

Photo: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images
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Photo: Wendell Teodoro/Getty Images

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