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Hotel kindly requests that you SHADDUP

Budget chain installs noise meters to keep guests quiet.

By Rich_Maloof Nov 29, 2012 5:57PM

Even if you’re too old to jump up and down on the beds, an overnight in a hotel is still kinda fun. Room service, housekeeping and a concierge are all on hand to grant every wish, but the one thing a hotel can’t guarantee a guest is a good night’s sleep. The biggest aggravator? Other guests.

But Premier Inn aims to keep every other guest quiet so that you can get some shut-eye once your $13.95 in-room movie concludes. At the budget chain’s 690 locations, newly installed noise meters detect excessive commotion in the corridors. When a thoughtless neighbor gets loud in the hall after hours, the meter is tripped and a wall-mounted sign flashes a message to please be quiet.

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Will Premier’s shush meter do the trick? Stay over sometime and see for yourself. It’s an affordable place, though you first have to get to a country in Europe, India or the Arabian Gulf where the chain operates.

It’s hard to imagine that a wall sign is going to muzzle the gang stumbling back to their rooms from the bar, but Premier is banking on the keep-quiet tech to make good on their “Good Night Guarantee” — and to save themselves a few bucks in refunds. According to the Daily Mail, Premier issues most of its refunds to sleepless guests who complain of being kept awake by the other clods in the hotel.

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Keeping a building full of strangers quiet at night while simultaneously indulging every guest’s desire is a challenge all hotels face. City hotels often place white-noise machines or fans in their rooms, and Travelodge in the United Kingdom once instituted sleep wardens to patrol their halls, as noted by NBC News. Without an assist, though, sleepy guests are left with few options other than covering their ears with a pillow or banging on the wall and crying out for some peace.

The quiet meters are Premier’s latest attempt at instilling some decency. For a time, the chain tried to silence rowdy night owls by giving them lollipops as they came through the lobby. But for many people taking leave of normal routines for a hotel stay, consideration goes on break as well.

Photo: Rex Features

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