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Today is e Day

A day that claims to be just as cool as that other day dedicated to an infinite number.

Pi Day may reign among math nerds everywhere but there is another day dedicated to yet another infinite number. Today, Feb.7, otherwise known as e Day (more on Bing), is named after Euler’s Constant.

The actual number, 2.71828182845904523536028747135266249775724709369995…, is a mathematical constant recurring in number theory and it goes on for

ever. Feb. 7 is known as e Day because the first two digits of e are 2.7.

Photo: Today is e Day / WikipediaWired.com defines e as ‘the number that if you raise that number to the power x, the slope of the function is the same value as the function.”

The prominent 17th century mathematician Jacob Bernoulli discovered the constant through trials around compound interest.

Nerdy enough for you yet? Happy e Day!

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Image: Euler's formula / Wikipedia


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