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#HireKevin campaign lands interview at Applebee's

25-year-old Philadelphia man uses social media in hopes of becoming the new company spokesman.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Dec 12, 2012 3:50PM

In perhaps the world’s most straightforward solicitation for work, Kevin Matuszak of Philadelphia, Pa. posted “Hi, can I work for you?” on Applebee’s Facebook page on November 26, reports Philly.com. The simple question was a response to a sponsored post for one of his hometown’s specialties: the almighty pretzel.  

Photo: Kevin Matuszak, who would like to be the spokesman for Applebee's with Applebee's employee Jacque Brown. (Colin Kerrigan/Philly.com/MCT/LANDOV)More on MSN Living: Break the rules for a better romance

The restaurant chain’s social media team followed-up, telling Matuszak to check if his local restaurant was hiring. He cheekily posted, “I want to work for corporate in marketing.”

Currently, the 25-year-old sells ads for 94WIP, a sports radio station, although he confesses serious interest in social media. "You have to be able to stay positive and get people to respond," he was quoted on social media interaction. (You can follow him on Twitter at @Tooozy.)

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To make his dream career come true, Matusak made a video of himself, in which the people of Philly endorse him as the next spokesman of Applebee’s, reports Philly.com. There are also a handful of #HireKevin support songs posted to YouTube. And in the ultimate act of social media show and tell, he’s actively commenting on the restaurant chain’s Facebook page, trying to drum up support with a dose of humor.

MSN Living caught up with Matuszak and asked him the top three reasons why Applebee's should hire him. Here's what he had to say:

#1. I'm witty, charming and energetic. My personality is the selling point for this job.
#2. Applebee's typically targets adults with no children in the age group of 25-49.  I am part of that key demographic and would appeal to that market
#3. I've already generated this much press for them. Just imagine what I could do if I were on board.

A few hours ago, Matuszak posted on some good news on Twitter: "Cool news, you guys. All of your help with the #HireKevin campaign has landed me an interview with @Applebees. Thanks!!"

If all goes well for Matuszak, he’ll be Tweeting good in the neighborhood in no time.

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Photo: Kevin Matuszak, who would like to be the spokesman for Applebee's with Applebee's employee Jacque Brown. (Colin Kerrigan/Philly.com/MCT/LANDOV)

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