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Britain isn’t so great, politicians propose

Ministers suggest a negative branding campaign to deter Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants.

By Britt Olson MSN Living Editor Jan 29, 2013 8:51PM

The wet weather, the rent and the food: Britain leaves a lot to be desired.

That is what several British politicians want to promulgate, specifically in Bulgaria and Romania, in an effort to deter potential immigrants from those countries.

Photo: Alan Copson/Getty ImagesNext year a limit on the number of immigrants from the two EU nations will expire, which could cause an influx of Bulgarian and Romanian migrants to the UK. To prevent potential drain on the mending British economy, several ministers proposed that the country run a negative advertising campaign about itself. 

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A Downing Street source confirmed that advertisements were discussed, saying to the Guardian, "It is true that options are being looked at but we are not commenting on the specific things mentioned ...”
Keith Vaz, Labour MP and chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, said that "advertisements and propaganda trying to stop Romanian and Bulgarians coming to Britain borders on the farcical,” according to the BBC.

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Advertising isn’t the UK’s only recourse, however. The government is also looking at preventing access to public services for immigrants, requiring employment after three months of residence or maintaining the restriction on number against Bulgarians and Romanians who enter Britain, which would fly in the face of EU rights for foreign nationals.

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Migration Watch approximated that 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians will come to the UK each year over the next five years.
The Guardian asked readers to post their own anti-Britain propaganda (photos, slogans, complaints). As a result, the comment section now bristles with posts about the country’s austerity measures, unemployment, racism and journalism.

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Photo: Alan Copson/Getty Images



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