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War vet arrested and disarmed while hiking

A vocal veteran is in a legal battle to recover his guns and his reputation.

By Rich_Maloof Apr 15, 2013 4:33PM

While on a hike with his son along a country road in Texas, a U.S. Army veteran was disarmed by police, who confiscated the AR-15 assault rifle and .45 caliber pistol the man had in his possession.

Photo: Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham via Facebook Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham had the proper permit to carry his loaded assault rifle and a conceal permit for the .45 at his side. But Temple Police say that Grisham initially refused the officer’s request to surrender his weapons — justifying the officer’s call for backup, cuffing of Grisham and confiscation of his weapons.The March 16 incident was reported by KCEN TV in Temple, Texas.

Grisham, meanwhile, maintains he had complied with the officer’s request from the start. He instructed his teenage son to capture video of the event, which FOX News has posted. In the footage, an agitated and handcuffed Grisham can be heard arguing with two police officers about the arresting officer’s actions and the legal guidelines for disarming citizens.

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“Just ’cause a guy’s got a firearm, he’s dangerous?,” Grisham demands.

“Yes, sir,” responds an officer.

Grisham is a Bronze Star veteran of the Iraq War and has twice been a guest at the White House — once invited by President George W. Bush and once by President Obama — for roundtable discussions on military outreach. But he is no stranger to controversy, and has made a lot noise before when authorities would rather he stick on a silencer on it.

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He is the blogger formerly behind A Soldier’s Perspective, a popular military blog on which Grisham alternately praised and criticized the military, the government and so-called “Repugnicans” and “Dumbocrats” alike. His frank opinions strained the limits of what the military allows its people to say on certain topics. Grisham’s loud criticisms of President Obama helped earn him an investigation by the inspector general, and he was ordered to close down the blog, ArmyTimes reported in 2009.

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“The facts are clear,” Grisham wrote to his mailing list about shutting down his blog. “The army does NOT want honest bloggers. They want sheep.”

In his blog posts, Grisham emphasized the irony of limiting the free speech of a soldier who has fought to protect that very freedom.

Grisham is now in a legal battle to recover his weapons and prove his innocence. A charge of resisting arrest in the March 16 incident was reduced earlier this month to interfering with a public offical. But if found guilty, Grisham could still face a $2,000 fine and up to six months in prison — and, potentially, the loss of his military career.

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Photo: Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham via Facebook

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